Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Proverbs 31 Encouragement

I recently started doing my daily reading from a NASB (New American Standard Bible) and have been enjoying reading familiar passages in a new translation. It makes things that I have memorized before fresher somehow. I was reading over the Proverbs 31 lady today. Although I'm sure there are hundreds of studies on this passage, I thought I'd share my notes anyhew.

A Proverbs 31 lady is...

--An excellent wife vs. 10
--Noble vs. 29
--Strong vs. 17 and 25-emotional strength--physical strength
--Dignified vs. 25-makes me think of "don't dignify that with an answer" but sometimes my silliness isn't all that dignified.
--Well dressed vs. 22--maybe this could mean modest but I'm using it to remind me to not be a "shlumpa dinka" all day long. I need to get showered and dressed! Presentation might be important--but that aside I know that it does affect how I feel about myself.
--Smiles vs. 25
--Speaks wisdom vs. 26-think about the content of what I'm saying...blahblahblah.
--Teaches kindness vs. 26-"Emma, love the baby--awww, kiss your brother. That's nice."
--Fears the Lord vs. 30-Obviously, this should be in bold print! It is the hub of the issues we face to be women of excellence.
--Cares for her household
-clothes them vs. 21-do the laundry without complaining and count my blessings that I don't have to make the clothe and sew it together!
-good food vs. 14
-wise purchases vs. 16-not selfish junk that I don't really need.
--Cares for the needy
-from her own hand vs. 20
-her maidens vs. 15-I know it's a stretch of the text but I want to remember to support and encourage my sisters in Christ. Sometimes we forget to build each other up!
--Cares for her husband
-she "does a body good" vs. 11 and his heart trusts in her.
-he praises her vs. 28
--Hard Worker vs. 19
-the works of her hands are an ample reward vs. 31
-works hard with delight vs. 13
-sacrifices sleep for the benefit of her loved ones vs. 15 and 18---Wow! This is down my alley right now. I need to remember this when I feel particularly zombified!

I don't know how I ended up on this passage today. I haven't been following any particular study really. It was a good place to be because honestly, I've been feeling really down about "momE-ing" lately. It is hard work--hard work not just physically but emotionally! I deal with a frustrating two year old and demanding baby and often wonder whether I'm coming or going! I know I get too angry, I lose my patience (and my mind) from time to time. They sleep and I look at their little faces and kiss their downy cheeks and feel frustrated with myself. I'm so glad that God understands me--that He loves me--that He gave me Proverbs 31 as a sort of guide and encouragement. Although, I could easily say that I'll never meet up to this woman's standard of excellence I remember that it is God that I seek to glorify. He gave me these babies to raise. He gave me a wonderful leader. He gives me what I daily need! So, I'll press on!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farmer's Market Fun

We went to the local Farmer's Market this last Saturday. It is very convenient because it is right by the library (in it's outer parking lot actually) and we are doing the summer reads program. Emma carried around the pink and blue forget-me-nots and she just looked so precious with her little hat! We had a good time talking to local farmers, soap makers, and artisans. If you've never been to a Farmer's Market you should try it out. It is good family fun! I even got a farmer lined up to get me some rhubarb plants! Yeah!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Repressed Teacher?

I've been having some repressed teacher thinking lately. I had Emma play with shaving cream the other day and I think that's what got it going. She had a good time --and as an added bonus the kitchen and Emma smelled like baby powder for the rest of the day! I used to have my students do math facts, spelling reviews, etc. on their desks with shaving cream. It was great for cleaning off that hardened grime and air freshening the room! I've been thinking of good lessons or projects and I figure I'll blog about them in the hopes of remembering some and using them when I go back some long day away in the future. I have an idea for teaching percentages that keeps expanding. My idea first started while watching Willie Wonka (old version) and the teacher uses Wonka bars eaten as an example. Maybe that would be a good reward movie at the end of the study. We drive past a beautiful little cemetary on our way to the library, etc. and I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids when they get a bit older. This, of course, got my brain churning on how I could make it a learning experience. It would be neat in a smaller cemetary, such as this, to poll the name. Perhaps quadrant off the area and have the children list names. In most small cemetaries you'll find a higher percentage of some names, etc. I've noticed just in passing ours that it contains a lot Younts, Whites, and Henry bones. I wonder if you'd need to get permission from the grounds keepers? Anyhew--that's my thought for today. As this thought expands perhaps I'll share! A teacher's mind should never stop thinking of interesting ways to learn new things. My Mom and I have a pact that if we ever get to the point where we are not learning and not loving teaching we'll tell each other--tell each other to quit!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Re-cycle Gift Boxes

I made some neat crafty boxes to hold some gifts I'm making and to use leftover Dayspring boxes. I hate to throw them out 'cuz they're such a neat size. I also save Christmas cards (written sides stuck together) and cut out some of those for these. I save all cards for this purpose!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neccesity is the mother of Invention...

I don't think these are really inventions but more innovations! I thought I'd share...

All the baby's bottle parts, sippy cup valves, etc. come out of the dishwasher very wet. I developed the technique of put a paper towel in the bottom of my colander and dumping them inside to dry. Just in case they were to leak past the paper towel I set it in my garbage bowl (ala Rachael Ray) and there you have it and innovative way to dry things and keep water from getting all over your kitchen floor.

I keep a Swiffer on top of my dryer to clean out the lint trap (those parts inside the dryer you can't quite reach) but it was always falling off and dusty all over. I like canning jars and one day had this one recently emptied of my Dad's yummy venison and I just stuffed it into it. I liked how it contained it so well that that's the way I keep it now. It contains the dust and looks sort of cute, I think!

Anyway, you may think it's quirky but you may like it too. Thought I'd share!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nutella Ice Cream Cake

Well, I invented an ice cream cake for my Mom's birthday! It was delicious!

Nutella Ice Cream Cake

1 Half Gallon Chocolate Ice Cream (slightly softened)
1 whipped topping
1 jar nutella
1 c. crushed corn flakes
1 c. crushed cornflakes
Half stick butter
T. sugar

Pat crust into bottom. Mix filling well (use potato masher)
Drizzle chocolate over top for pretty!
I used my medium spring form pan. It worked great!
Freeze overnight for best results.