Friday, November 10, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Silence

What comes to mind when you think of the word: silence.  Write about it in 5 minutes or less.

There are periods of time where I really struggle with silence.  Usually it's when I don't want to deal with all the loud things floating around in my heart and mind.  I have learned that when I am uncomfortable with the silence...(I must have the TV on, or music playing, or be reading deeply in something fluffy and entertaining)...During those times it is good for me to examine...why?

Another thing about silence is that it's never really silent.  I sleep with a fan on all year through...that hum is far from true silence...but I would say it is quiet and peaceful in the room.  Similarly, I have two antique clocks ticking and chiming at various intervals throughout the day.  This has become a part of the silence and peace of our home...However, I notice that it's far from silent because when we have guests they often comment on the clock noises.  

Over the years I'd say my extroverted-ness is waning.  I crave silence (peace, quiet, reprieve) in ways that I never did before.  As I work to be more God-pleasing than people-pleasing I find that it is absolutely necessary that I spend time in God's Word and the gather what I need in my happy extroverted life.  



Cindy Wilkins said...

Bobbi, I so relate to everything you wrote today right down to sleeping with a fan all year round! I’m finding too, that time with God in the silence has become more valuable,em and needed as I’m growing in age and in my Christian walk! Thanks for sharing, Cindy

Janyre Tromp said...

Yes! Silence is where we gather what we need for the day. I am absolutely aware of the times when I'm missing this element in my life. Your neighbor on FMF.