Friday, March 28, 2008

The S word...

Got your attention didn't I? HA! Don't worry, I'm talking about submission.

Yesterday my ladies bible study covered Gentleness as we work our way through the Fruit of the Spirit. Gentleness was defined as humble submission to God's will. It seems that submission has become somewhat of a bad word among my generation. Most women have taken obey out of their wedding vows, etc. This study has been really speaking to my heart. With my personality submission doesn't come easy, and not just where my hubby is concerned.

It was interesting to realize that when tough things come my way I need to submit to God's will. It may get harder before it gets better, so I need to bow! The big question from the study was: Are you holding onto things you still haven't accepted? Do we consider this our "right?" I guess that's true, we do have the right...the right to be bitter, to be mean or to BOW DOWN. The point that really hurt was this hilarious story about Beth Moore's dog. The dog had run away, was in big trouble, was called out from under the bed and when it humbly came to her, it put forth its paw that had a scar on it. It wanted to make sure that she remembered he was scarred---so it was no wonder he acted badly. Ouch--are there scars that I'm getting mileage out of--that I need to just get over? Bearing scars should be like Christ so others can touch them and learn and see how great is our God. Submit, bow down. Psalm 62 says He is strong and loving. He hears and can save us--even if he doesn't.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I decided to create a seperate blog for my rambling thoughts. I got great feedback from the masses about seeing the kiddos via blog. It makes sense--it doesn't clog up their e-mails and all can see regardless of continent. However, I realized that not everyone may enjoy, or have the time for, my other blogs. I don't want them to check and be disappointed so thought the simple solution was to create a seperate blog--and since they're free--here we are! This way those interested in my deep (or not so deep thoughts) can read and comment and those more interested in my sweet boobahs (and really who wouldn't be interested) can be free from the extra comments! We'll see how this goes! Fun times!