Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wise (little) man!

Caleb: "Mom! Where'd the Wisemen go? I thought we had them??"

Mom: "They are across the the clock on the bookshelf."

Caleb: "Um, why aren't they by the manger?"

Mom: "The Bible tell us in Matthew that they came a few years after he was born...and visited them at their home, when Jesus was a little kid.  They saw the star when he was born...but they were from the East and it took a few years to travel to Bethlehem.  MomE's sort of a stickler for such, I put them across the room!
Caleb:'re saying it takes 3 YEARS to move from the bookshelf to the piano? *sotto voce*  Just so ya know...they don't really move!

Mom: Right, yes, I do know that!   But we are using them to remind everyone what the Bible does, I want it to be as close as possible. So...yes...we pretend it takes 3 years to get from the bookshelf to the piano...IF they were REAL, of course!
Sigh...Dear God, please help me teach Christmas!! Amen! *chuckle chuckle* Sigh!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guess ya had to be there!

Someone has coined the phrase, "maintaining the collective memory."  I guess that's kind of what I want my blogs to be.  I don't want them to be a money making job or a contest of comparison.  I want to maintain the collective memory for my children and our family...and share with those we love.

Yes, I have been experiencing blogger angst.  Anguish...anxiety.  Should I keep both, should I make one, should I quit entirely!  Should I share this info...or not share...who's reading this?  Why am I doing this?!  

I generally view blogging as least this blog where I post my deeper thoughts.  Yes, I have them...I saw those eyes roll!! But lately, it's felt more like a chore.  And those well meaning people who've asked where the pictures are...have rubbed me wrong.  I've felt nagged.  And, that alone has been a good lesson.  It helped me realize that when I use it with my sweet is likely to achieve opposite results.  Sometimes it's hard to receive missed ya as love ya!

But, here I am...again.  Deciding that I need to make my new technology work for me.  Figuring out remote posting (thanks Dad!)...and trying to continue maintaining the collective memory...because just looking back through my posts is precious!  My babies grow and our family changes...and I am truly a MomE & Loving It...not just naming a blog so it'll promote the thought!  And, here where I'm Blogging Along...I see God's growing me as I take steps of obedience with Him.

So, rather than saying..."guess ya had to be there"....I will try to post more frequently.  Anything should be an improvement, right!?  FYI:  taking pictures of sunsets while driving is dangerous...and a bummer.  The pictures never look as good as the real thing!!