Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hodgepodge on ice

1. What keeps you blogging?
The desire to maintain the collective memory...Realizing I don't want FB to be where I express or share all of my important memories and life lessons.  Recognizing that it helps me to write out my thoughts and express myself this way.  Cathartic.
2. Some people like to travel in the winter months. Do you enjoy the beach in winter? According to Southern Living the best U.S. beach towns to visit this winter are-
St Simons Island (Georgia), Hilton Head (South Carolina), Bald Head Island (North Carolina), Seaside (Florida), Bay St. Louis (Mississippi), Cape San Blas (Florida), South Padre Island (Texas), Folly Beach (South Carolina), Chincoteague (Virginia), Duck Key (Florida), Nags Head (North Carolina), and Fairhope (Alabama)
Have you been to any of the towns listed (in any season)? Which on the list appeals to you most this winter? 
I haven't been to any of these beaches.  I've only been to a few in FL and MI.  If money were no object I'd love to spend the winter at the beach.  This winter has been awful already...and I'd take any beach right now!!  It's not good if you're "over it" when winter has just started! *sigh*
3. What's a song you're embarrassed to know all the lyrics to? Are you really embarrassed or do just think you should be?
I can't think of any that I'm embarrassed to know, at least right now.  I memorize to song VERY well.  I have hundreds of hymns memorized and children's songs.  I don't know that I have them memorized and then I'll remember one line and realize I can sing the WHOLE song.  It's sort of cool and creepy all at the same time.
4. When you were a kid what's something you thought would be fantastic as an adult, but now that you're an adult you realize it's not all that fantastic?
Being independent, as a whole, isn't as great as it's cracked up to be.  I remember the first time I was sick and wanted my Mom and realized that I was the Mom!  It was a rough day.
5. Share a quote you hope will inspire you in 2018.
"Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading."
~Oswald Chambers
6. Insert your own random thought here.
This last weekend was full crazy weather...first an ice storm (snow day #1)...followed by crazy weekend of yucky driving...followed by more snow (snow day #2)...and a plunge of negative temperatures (2 hr delay)...It's crazy!  I can't get anything done!  I made myself get through grocery shopping yesterday...I came back exhausted.  It's so cold my face hurts and I can't push the cart through the frozen slush!  Ugh...really struggling to thank God for this awful cold...only thing I can come up with is thanking Him for killing the bugs so Spring and Summer will be nice and that it also kills some of the flu bugs going around too.  Also...a nice warm house and car...safetey...ok...there IS a lot to be thankful for!  

Friday, January 12, 2018

Five Minute Friday: Simplify

Ready. Set. Go.

As this new year begins I am emplimenting some of my new goals and resolutions.  The quote "The surest way of spoiling a pleasure is to start examining your satisfaction."  CS Lewis comes to mind...often.  I ask myself, "why do I miss doing X"?  "Hmmm...maybe that was wasting more time than I thought."

There is freedom in much redeemed time.  There is contentment, recognizing that I'm doing more by doing less.  More time with my family and for my family is not matter who may choose to judge me from the outside...God sets my standard for living.  

Because I am simplifying in many areas...when I do find myself in an area that is busy, and not simple...I ask better questions.  Is this requiring the best of me so that my family gets the rest of me?  What does it look like to be faithful right now?  Not perfect and amazing...just faithful.  What God has called me to is simple...

Godliness with contentment is great gain.  1 Tim. 6:6

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday: Idols of the Heart...

I saw that Emma had written this on her decorative chalk board.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Considering that she's parented by two people that struggle with perfectionism...who are both constantly being sanctified by God in many areas...I'm grateful, that some of our lessons to ourselves and to her have gotten through.  God is good.

I'm glad that she knows where her focus should be...above all!

It is good to examine our hearts.  Fill in the blank for yourself..."I may love to be _______, but I love God more."  If you can't put something in that blank...then it's probably an idol.

We also ask ourselves and our kids...How do you know if something is an idol (ie. that it's being worshipped above God in my life)?
Ask:  Would you sin to get it?  Would you sin if you didn't get it?

So, per her very own example, Emma struggles with wanting her room and things to be neat...just so. When she did not get this...(she had to go to bed or school without having time to do this)...she became angry and anxious...which pointed to something wrong in her heart...which pointed to what was controlling her heart (her desires for neatness and control) ....So, we talked about it and she repented of that idol and asked God to help her love him more...more than having things just so and more than she wants to breathe.  So, now the focus is..."I may love to be neat, but I love God more!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hodgepodge Trends & Twenty

1. January is National Mentoring Month. Have you ever had a mentor? Been a mentor? How would you rate the experience?
I have done both.  I think that accountability relationships work best when both people are ready to be involved.  No one wants to be a private detective or waste their time...but if both are ready to be honest and open than great growth can occur.
2. What current trend makes no sense to you?
The amount of videos on Facebook...30 second recipe videos, well, I can see the allure and enjoyment...but these people who get in their cars and shout out rants from their phone cameras perched atop their dashboards.  Really?  Um.....?
3. I saw a cartoon on facebook highlighting a few 'weird' things that make you happy as an adult. The list included-writing with a nice pen, having plans cancelled, freshly cleaned sheets, eating the corner brownie, cleaning the dryer lint screen, and sipping coffee in that brief time before anyone else wakes up. (Credit for the cartoon goes here) Of the 'weird' things listed which one makes you happiest? What is one more 'weird' thing you'd add to the list?
Sipping coffee in the brief time before anyone else wakes up...YES!  I'm not so sure I'm with them on the whole dryer lint thang though.  A weird thing I'd add to the list...preparing for company.  I love the anticipation and preparation.
4. What's the last good thing you ate?
Good as in taste or as in healthy??  I had a Tazo Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks...that tasted good.  I had a baby-bel cheese pod when I got home...that tasted good and was healthy.
5. Describe life in your 20's in one sentence.
I spent so much time focusing on the future that I didn't enjoy the moment.
6. Insert your own random thought here.
The kids are back in school...and so the day they started back I decided I was going to hit the errands hard...and I was making amazing time getting them checked off the list, sans my entourage.  I was on the last errand of the morning and found out that the weatherman was right about the fog after all.  It was freezing to the pavement.  I hit the pavement hard!  I fell down and kinda slid partially under my car.  OW...cold and hard.  Thankfully, my hip and elbow seem to just be bruised.  Call me Grace-ful!  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Musings...on new year health goals.

I'm back to using my old water bottle...this cooky, sharpie marker method works for me...and, as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  I'd love to be one of those lovely journaling gals who makes lovely, little water droplets in her calendar as she drinks each delicious cup through out the day...but I'm not.  Yet, I know I need to drink water...I feel so much better...I get sick less.  And this dorky method gets it done!  I think it's my Uncle CJ that says "TAGID...This Ain't Getting It Done!"  For some reason I'm very into ain't today.  Huh.
And I'm back into the exercise groove...and very sore to prove it.  I miss my exercise class and friends from Indy but I'm trying out a new class with a friend on Friday and I'm using the Fat Secret app to give myself some kind of accountability to make me question what I'm putting in my mouth.  I think the reason I miss my old class so much is that they focused on the totally fit life...recognizing that it's not just about diet and exercise...but about life goals and lifestyle.  I am glad that I found my other class Bodypump online and can now do it live streaming!  Woot's so fun!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sew Saturday...Knitting...

I'm not sure if this truly counts under Sew Saturday...but otherwise there's only the process of assembly of the deer baby quilt and my Christmas quilt going on...spelled B O R I N G!  

I'm a self taught and VERY slow knitter...but I enjoy the rhythm of it.  I also love using and gifting knit washcloths and until very recently that's all I've ever produced.  I've been seeing these lovely prayer shawls on Pinterest and Ravelry but can't seem to decipher the instructions...(seriously, there should be a key for the acronyms letters, people!)...but then it occurred to me that I could use the washcloth pattern and make only half (it adds on from the corner, then decreases out) some variations I made up along the way.  I bought four skeins of this lovely Jean Stovepipe Yarn....and I'll be feeling stinkin' proud of myself if I stick to it through two skeins...ugh.  I've made a deal with myself to do four rows a day...and the longer the rows get the harder this is getting.  My snuggly Scruffy dog and cooking shows on Netflix help immensely!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Funnies

The first one is so true to life right now...with negative temperatures as a high and windchill warning going outside is truly painful...even if it's only to the mailbox.  My nose lining immediately freezes and tears come to my eyes.  But...there is this joke to put it all into perspective....
Next, this gave me a chuckle...I wonder how long this would take?  I'm sure my math head Loverbrains could probably figure it out...but...seriously, funny!!!
And last, but not least, this one.  I know it's maybe on the edge of appropriate...but hilarious....I actually laughed out loud when I read it!