Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thankful for...

1. Great little travelers! Yes, that's play doh...no, I'm not brave, I'm crazy! Hahaha! They are upbeat and rarely whiny...and took the whole trip as some funky adventure thought up by their two nutsy parents! We had a good time.

On a traveling sidenote...I find it funny that I work hard to teach things like colors only to have them announced LOUDLY in public rest stops..."Look Mom, YELLOW!"
2. Rainy Day Fun. This is one of my favorite vacation picture memories. Loverbrain's cutting out paper dolls and paper doll clothing for his sweet baby girl!
These paper dolls were her Grand Aunt's...and they still provided hours our entertainment.
3. Time together. We had a no technology vacation. It was great!! Here's Loverbrains in the morning glory arbor...with his cute shirt, "If you're not part of the solution, You're part of the precipitate." Sigh...a chemical engineer even on vacation! SMILE!

If you want more vacation pictures go to MomE & Loving It!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm back...

Well, didja miss me? I missed you...well, I thought about blogging when I took pictures sometimes!

But for today...this is all you get...just one picture of my Sweet Boobahs in the beautiful mountains...

...cuz my house looks like it exploded...and I must regain some semblance of order!

Kiss kiss!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm taking a blogcation...don't miss me too much! I'll return with new energy and ideas!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: That's me...random!

To follow Andrea's lead today, I'm going to share seven random things you probably don't know about me. I say probably because..well, I don't know...maybe you're a good guesser.

1. Squirrels- I have a intense dislike for them...and maybe a little bit of fear. This is unfortunate because my back yard is filled with huge ground hog sized squirrels. I have many reasons for my feelings...not least of which was the time during our honeymoon when a squirrel crawled up my foot/leg because it translated me stomping my foot (to shoo it away) as an invitation to feed it. They also eat my birdseed for my BIRDS...and they are rodents.

2. Acquaintances vs Friends: I am what's referred to as a social butterfly's butterfly. I flit about a room and chit chat with everyone. Many would be surprised to know that I have very few friends. I am pretty open and honest about pretty much everything...so my acquaintances probably think they are closer to me than they actually are...and that's okay. But I have times of extrovert withdrawal (general following conflicts, etc.) ...and it is in those time that I realize that I have very few "bosom friends." This is probably one of the heart reasons I detest Facebook.

3. Memorized Movies: I have a strange ability to remember old movies...word for word. This especially applies to old musicals. This really freaked Loverbrains out when we first got married. He said things like, "How many times have you seen this?" He was surprised when I told him that I hadn't watched them since I was a kid.

4. Blog Stalker Bunk: I am generally pretty cautious...but I find this whole blogging anonymity thing a wee bit ridonkulous. Seriously, if someone wants to follow my blog for months to figure out enough details to find my home while I'm on blogcation and rob my house...well, they need my stuff more than I do! I was told recently to not tell people I was alone with the kids when Loverbrains is traveling...but honestly he is traveling most of the time lately...and I feel very secure in GOD taking care of me...along with incredible neighbors and a church...so, I'm among the few who will be taking a chill pill on this front. Don't worry...I'm not giving my address or kid's SS numbers out or anything.

5. Lover of Learning: I am a complete academic. I love school. I would enjoy being a professional student. Well, except for the being broke and in debt part. Just thinking and planning to go back for my masters has me all pumped up!

6. Inside Gardener: I love gardening but I hate the hot weather! How does that work, you say? Well, not very well actually. I have to get up early or stay up late to weed in the cool. Also, I plant lots of perennials. Easy care folks. And next year, raised beds! Oh, and I have a lot of plants inside the house...year round.

7. Mellowed Perfectionist: Many people think I'm a perfectionistic neat freak...but the truth is I've really mellowed out a lot. Count your blessings people! I used to label the inside of my cabinets when I first got married. I still go on cleaning jags...but it's usually a sign that I'm struggling with something...and trying to "control" clean...rather than sit down and talk to my Savior about it.

So, there you have it...some good, some bad, some ugly! Love to ya'll.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Deep Thoughts: Goiters

In my constant quest for vintage pictures, I came across this ad for iodized salt. It really struck me funny. This is such a pretty little picture and goiters are sort of gross and ugly. So, in my constant quest for learning new things...be they particularly useful or not...I did some digging and reading.

In case you don't know...a goiter is a noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid gland, visible as a swelling at the front of the neck, that is often associated with iodine deficiency. Also called struma. Pretty unsightly...ew!

I didn't know about the cause being a lack of iodine. Huh. So, I decided to read a bit more about iodized salt and goiters. I wanted to make sure that my family wasn't going to be getting any goiters! I try to keep things lightly salted...and frankly, I had to check cuz I wasn't sure my salt was iodized.

Here's what I discovered about it:
Iodine was introduced into salt earlier this century when it was discovered that certain areas of the US had a marked deficiency in iodine in the diet of people, and people developed a neck swelling (goiter). The Great Lakes region is one of these areas where the soil is lacking iodine. Goiter can be caused when the thyroid gland swells because of a lack of iodine in the diet. Most medical advise now states that iodine in salt is no longer necessary due to our food sources arising from all over the world.Steve Sample

Interesting to me was a more recent post...
An article in the March/April 2006 issue of The Saturday Evening Post reported that “Government experts … warn that iodine deficiency—a serious health threat in developing nations—could resurface in this country.” The problem is this: Americans are eating more fancy salt—like kosher salt, sea salt, and fleur de sel — that don’t contain iodine, and less table salt, like Morton’s, which is typically fortified with iodine. Americans are also eating more meals in restaurants, and most pro kitchens use kosher salt.

I guess if you prefer fancy salts or light salt you can just try to eat lots of iodine full foods...like

* Seafood and sea products (fish, shellfish, seaweed, seaweed tablets, kelp).
* Dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream, powdered dairy creamers, other dairy products).
* Egg yolks or whole eggs or foods containing whole eggs.
* Foods or products that contain these additives: carrageen, agar-agar, algin, alginate, nori (these are food additives that are seaweed by-products).
* Commercial bakery products.
* Red Dye #3.
* Chocolate (for its milk content).
* Molasses (sulfured).
* Soy products (soy sauce, soy milk, tofu).
* Some beans – red kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and cowpeas.
* Potato skins.
* Rhubarb.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Word FILLED Wednesday: Bleach your sins!

I had such a neat talk with my Emma-bean while working on the laundry. She was asking about bleach. "What's that for MomE?" I said something to the effect that it made the whites as "white as snow." She sings the "color book song" at church....

My heart was black with sin (color black) until the Savior came in.

His precious blood (color red) I know has made me white as snow. (color white)

And in his word I'm told I'll walk the streets of gold. (color yellow)

To grow in Christ each day I'll read my Bible and pray. (color green)

...so she asked if bleach was like Jesus' blood. Huh...neat! We had a great talk about how we all have black sin in our hearts that needs to be washed by Jesus...so we can have hearts that are white as snow. So, do you have a Jesus bleached heart? HA!

Smiles and love to you all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tube Tuesday: Silent e is a Ninja!

I have always been a fan of "Between the Lions"...but lately have become aware of the "Electric Company"...and for those of you who are way past it...sorry. I find it hysterical. It drives Loverbrains nuts, but in a good way cuz he loves me! This is my current favorite...

I am storing up ideas for later use...I'm a pretty zany wacky teacher anyhew...for a hilarious story proving this point...check out Pink Hawaiian Vowel Boot Camp!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dealing with MY Temper Tantrums...

I'll admit it...I am loving our SS lessons from Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul. I'm have AHA moments all over the place. Often, I walk away thinking..."Gee, that's really simple and straight scripture. Why didn't I figure that out myself!"

This week was on Anger and Bitterness...and it was what I needed to hear. I've been trying to deal with my anger for years now. I find that it's very cyclical...I have an angry outburst, feel awful, confess, try to change (but not taking care of root causes), another angry outburst, feel awful, etc. etc. Over and over again. So, when Berg identified three causes of anger...based on Numbers 20...I was eager for information and eager for change. Incidentally, I had never thought of Numbers 20 as a good source of info. on anger. But it is the longest passage regarding anger in the Bible.

The three causes of anger are frustration, hurt, and fear. Frustration is the agitation that results from a thwarted goal. Hurt is the pain in the soul from personal mistreatment. Fear is the uncertainty of how things will turn out.

I'm telling you people...It was like a light bulb going on! I could totally place all my anger from weeks, months and years into those three causes easily. The interesting thing is that I could then tell myself to get a grip too. I find it easier to make excuses for my anger...rather than telling myself to "get a grip" and realize that it is SIN...and needs to STOP!

I might be frustrated by my children , for example, but I need to "get a grip." They are blessing to me from God...and I need to view and treat them as such. This is a short season of life...and I need to treat it as such.

Ephesians 5:16, "making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil."
Psalm 127:3, "Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him."

I might feel hurt by societal treatment of housewives, for example, but I need to get a grip. This is my role and I will love it and I KNOW it's value to GOD...whether anyone else does or not.

Colossians 3:23, "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."

I might feel fearful of our future, for example, but I need to get a grip. Only God knows what the future holds and I need to trust Him...there is really nothing else I can DO anyway.

Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

To overcome anger, you must put out the fires of frustration , hurt and fear, which are fueled by an unbelieving heart--a heart that does not see God as more than enough.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What spells Romantic Rendezvous to you?

Loverbrains returns tonight from yet another international trip. He's promised me Belgium Chocolates the real deal.

After we put the kids to bed, we're going to order Chinese take out and picnic in our living room. If you have jet lag...you can't tell what day it is anyway...you might as well stay up and catch up with your little wife...right?

Yup, here where I'm blogging along...that's what we call a romantic rendezvous! It sounds so wonderful!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland with Isaac Watts. Who knew?

I was very surprised to discover that the original poem, changed by the caterpillar in Disney's Alice in Wonderland was actually an excerpt from Isaac Watts. You know, the hymn writer. I was reading christian biographies...something I just find so inspiring...and came across his childrens hymns...

"How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower!

How skilfully she builds her cell,
How neat she spreads the wax!
And labours hard to store it well
With the sweet food she makes.

In works of labour, or of skill,
I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still
For idle hands to do

I often find, that while I might carry on intelligent conversation about various Christians in history...upon reading their biographies I am inspired by the lives they led; the trials in the details that without these thorough biographies no one would have even guessed about in so successful a life.

Although I'm fond of Watts hymns...especially When I Survey the Wondrous Cross and I Sing the Mighty Power of God... I was unaware that his life was so tragic. He became a preacher at 24 but by the time he was 30 he became so ill that he was an invalid for the rest of his life...some odd 20 years.

As he said...Isaac Watts lived, "the prisoner of ill-health and feebleness, but breathing forth, like a nightingale in the shade, those undying melodies, which will sing on while the world lasts."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Word FILLED Wednesday: My Plans...God's Purpose!

When I started blogging it was partially to help me put a positive face on my season of life. I very specifically chose to call my first blog MomE & Loving It...because I wanted to purpose to love it...even when I didn't like it!

What I am about to share may burst a few bubbles out there. I find being a Domestic Engineer...HARD. Yes, I know it's difficult...that's not what I mean. I don't particularly like it most days. I find it mind numbing and not in a good way.

I do understand how women *snap* and run away or kill people. "But for the grace of God, go I"...and I mean that as NO JOKE. For those who can read between the lines of my blog...these last few months have been VERY hard for me. Often, Satan likes to whisper in my ear that I'm failing in every one of life's roles...daughter,wife, mother...Thankfully, God leads me to His Word and shows me...

Isaiah 43:1, "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine."

Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

But last night, as I was crying about life in general...okay and the stupid crab apple jelly/syrup...it occurred to me that I set up all these plans and goals for myself and then get upset and bent out of shape when I don't meet them. AND here's the funny part...no one knows about them but me.

Yeah, I create things for myself to do...cuz just doing laundry, wiping noses and bottoms, cleaning floors and bathrooms ad nauseum makes me quite looney. I often forget to ask God along the way...if ANY of it is His purpose for me. And as my WFW selection points out...I can have any old plans I want...but only the LORD's plans prevail.

My dearest daughter is currently on a kick of wanting to know what is coming next...especially as her birthday approaches. "What's next MomE?" is driving me berserk. It occurred to me that I sort of do that with God though...I'm so impatient. I'm not content with his plans for me...and I add and plump up plans of my own. What's next.. what's next? I was reminded via hymn...that I need to view life Moment by Moment...

Moment by moment I’m kept in His love;
Moment by moment I’ve life from above;
Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine;
Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.

How about you? Have you checked to see if today's plans are just a bunch of YOUR plans or are they God's plans?? BIGGER QUESTION: Can you rest content in His plans for you?

My Dad's post, Perfectionism is Next to Godlessness...really harmonized with my thoughts today. My favorite excerpt...
"God is less interested in my perfect completion of some project than He is in His perfect completion of ME. What I suppose are perfect successes are often failures because they inflate my pride, or they take inordinate amounts of time that should have been spent elsewhere, or they are accomplished through ungodly attitudes or actions. What looks like failure, on the other hand, may be God's success if it contributes to my humility, patience, and growth in grace."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crab Apple Crabbiness....

As I mentioned Friday...the kids helped me pick a whole bunch of our neighbor's crab apples. After cleaning, etc...there was really about 1 bucket of good usable apples out of the two. Sigh.
They were great helpers the day we picked them...

Today while making them...not so much...Both had a case of the super whines...and that, added to the fact that I've never done this and feel sort of freaked out with tons of boiling hot gloppy liquids about...
...added up to a HOT, stressful...CRABBY jelly making time...
All together...I'll have 8 1/2 pints of crab apple jelly. It looks really pretty...but like I crabbily told my Mom on the phone...
"If it doesn't set up...I'm NEVER doing this again!"