Friday, August 13, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: That's me...random!

To follow Andrea's lead today, I'm going to share seven random things you probably don't know about me. I say probably because..well, I don't know...maybe you're a good guesser.

1. Squirrels- I have a intense dislike for them...and maybe a little bit of fear. This is unfortunate because my back yard is filled with huge ground hog sized squirrels. I have many reasons for my feelings...not least of which was the time during our honeymoon when a squirrel crawled up my foot/leg because it translated me stomping my foot (to shoo it away) as an invitation to feed it. They also eat my birdseed for my BIRDS...and they are rodents.

2. Acquaintances vs Friends: I am what's referred to as a social butterfly's butterfly. I flit about a room and chit chat with everyone. Many would be surprised to know that I have very few friends. I am pretty open and honest about pretty much my acquaintances probably think they are closer to me than they actually are...and that's okay. But I have times of extrovert withdrawal (general following conflicts, etc.) ...and it is in those time that I realize that I have very few "bosom friends." This is probably one of the heart reasons I detest Facebook.

3. Memorized Movies: I have a strange ability to remember old movies...word for word. This especially applies to old musicals. This really freaked Loverbrains out when we first got married. He said things like, "How many times have you seen this?" He was surprised when I told him that I hadn't watched them since I was a kid.

4. Blog Stalker Bunk: I am generally pretty cautious...but I find this whole blogging anonymity thing a wee bit ridonkulous. Seriously, if someone wants to follow my blog for months to figure out enough details to find my home while I'm on blogcation and rob my house...well, they need my stuff more than I do! I was told recently to not tell people I was alone with the kids when Loverbrains is traveling...but honestly he is traveling most of the time lately...and I feel very secure in GOD taking care of me...along with incredible neighbors and a, I'm among the few who will be taking a chill pill on this front. Don't worry...I'm not giving my address or kid's SS numbers out or anything.

5. Lover of Learning: I am a complete academic. I love school. I would enjoy being a professional student. Well, except for the being broke and in debt part. Just thinking and planning to go back for my masters has me all pumped up!

6. Inside Gardener: I love gardening but I hate the hot weather! How does that work, you say? Well, not very well actually. I have to get up early or stay up late to weed in the cool. Also, I plant lots of perennials. Easy care folks. And next year, raised beds! Oh, and I have a lot of plants inside the house...year round.

7. Mellowed Perfectionist: Many people think I'm a perfectionistic neat freak...but the truth is I've really mellowed out a lot. Count your blessings people! I used to label the inside of my cabinets when I first got married. I still go on cleaning jags...but it's usually a sign that I'm struggling with something...and trying to "control" clean...rather than sit down and talk to my Savior about it.

So, there you have it...some good, some bad, some ugly! Love to ya'll.


Sheri said...

ahh...I'm with your on the close friends thing. I have one. My husband. HA! (And I don't facebook)

kara with a k said...

Love the squirrel pic at the top and ditto your fear/detesting of them. I will never forget when my boss had a couple creating havoc in her attic and the exterminator who helped her get rid of them was SO not a fan. "They're rats with bushy tails," he told us. I never forgot that imagery.

Loved the seven random things! I may have to do this on a future Caffeinated Random!!

alicia said...

Loved this! And am so with you on #4. If you really need my stuff that bad, I guess you'd better take it. God's my security, not my things.

Critty said...

I love learning too. And would go to school lots if only there was not that whole money thing!

And indoor gardening....count. me. IN!

What fun this was! I am glad you followed An's lead my friend...I love these kinds of things!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kela said...

I like learning NOW.
I know line for line, song lyric for song lyric the musical Annie!

Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you can use the ideas on the Dating Divas website! Love your randomness!

Karen said...

I enjoyed reading your answers...# 3 is a trait of my oldest son...I imagine you and he could have a mighty interesting discussion...

Jen said...

I am a control cleaner, too. My husband notices when I go into super clean mode!

Barbara H. said...

I love that poster! I am not a fan of squirrels, either. I got a new birdfeeder for Mother's Day, and they not only ate the great majority of the bird seed, they tore or chewed the side of the birdfeeder as well. So far I haven't seen any here in TN.

I am not a gardener at all. These days I can't get on my knees -- I get an uncomfortable hitting-the-funny bone type feeling when I do that I totally can't stand (I know there is not a "funny bone" in one's knees, but it's the same sensation). But even when I could I wasn't great at it -- and I absolutely melt in this heat.

I have mellowed from my perfectionist tendencies as well.

Studio JRU said...

I know what you mean about gardening in the heat! During those really hot weeks here... my weeds go *crazy* for sure! :) I think it is so neat that you want to go back to school for a masters!


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Bobbi, I loved reading your list! Too funny about the squirrels...I am not a huge fan, either. I detest rodents completely - I can handle snakes and spiders but anything in the rodent family sends shivers down my spine...And those big bushy tails? Uck. I'm totally with you...

I'm also totally with you on the whole lifelong student thing...I absolutely would be in school all of the time as well!

Enjoyed learning more about you, Bobbi!

Anonymous said...

That squirrel picture is hilarious! And I am definitely a mellowed perfectionist, too. I had to become one to save my sanity. :P

e-Mom said...

Wow, a lot to chew on here. Some things I knew, some I didn't know (like the squirrels) and some things I might have guessed (like labelling the insides of cabinets.) Just kidding!

So you "detest" Facebook? Color me surprised! I'm guessing that it has to do with your lack of interest in reconnecting w/ old school friends? (Personally, I follow very few IRL friends in FB. I stay in touch by email instead... maybe a generational thing?)

Well, I'm glad you got all that off your chest. What kind of Masters Degree would you like to pursue?

Keep smiling, Bobbi!

((Hugs)) e-Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbi, I thought your blog was really funny and informational today. I too hate/fear squirrels. Bill always makes fun of me for that, but then I say, he wasn't chased up a tree by them when he was a kid, like I was. :-) I also get the not really having many true friends thing. After years of moving around with Bill I've discovered that my only true friend is Bill. Of course, I'm not as much of a social butterfly as you, more of an introvert, but I still lack the friends that Ive always wished I could have had. I hope all is going well with you and you enjoy your blogcation. If you are over in the dayton area, let us know. I know Bill would love to see Darren, and I'd love to see you too. Gill N.