Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wise (little) man!

Caleb: "Mom! Where'd the Wisemen go? I thought we had them??"

Mom: "They are across the the clock on the bookshelf."

Caleb: "Um, why aren't they by the manger?"

Mom: "The Bible tell us in Matthew that they came a few years after he was born...and visited them at their home, when Jesus was a little kid.  They saw the star when he was born...but they were from the East and it took a few years to travel to Bethlehem.  MomE's sort of a stickler for such, I put them across the room!
Caleb:'re saying it takes 3 YEARS to move from the bookshelf to the piano? *sotto voce*  Just so ya know...they don't really move!

Mom: Right, yes, I do know that!   But we are using them to remind everyone what the Bible does, I want it to be as close as possible. So...yes...we pretend it takes 3 years to get from the bookshelf to the piano...IF they were REAL, of course!
Sigh...Dear God, please help me teach Christmas!! Amen! *chuckle chuckle* Sigh!


heather said...

don't worry you'll find a way to teach them about Christmas.
You DO have a wise bright boy. :)


You are teaching it ... one sweet conversation at a time.