Saturday, July 19, 2008

De-compose, De-stress...

How do you De-stress--or as I like to say, in my quirky, little way--De-compose!? My sweet husband comes home from a day filled with tiring calculations I can only look at and call er, interesting, and sits to color with his baby girl.

There is something so attractive about this gentle act that totally melts me! Emma will always remember these times of slow inactivity when it was simply fun to sit and color with Daddy.

They talk about colors--"Ooo, avocado green, " I hear him say and she replies, "Yes, gween...pweety." Then there is silence and that crayon and coloring book sound. Peace...ahhh.

Okay, maybe not silence cuz Caleb is yowling into his box there by the table but it is well, home! Ahhhhh! Hope ya'll have such happy moments in your days too! Much love to all!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo. Great blog. Great daddy. Love, Mom