Thursday, July 3, 2008

HELP with road rage?

Okay, I need help. That's the first step--admitting you have a problem. Hi, my name is Bobbi and I have road rage. Not all the time but often. Soooo, I've been trying to surround myself with Scripture to deal with these various issues in my life. Listen to my following example of my issues and then please comment with the appropriate verses to carry in my car! I tape them to my dash.
Yesterday, I went out to deliver a meal to some friends and their new baby--yeah--and on the way home decided to stop off at the library. I knew Emma wouldn't be happy to go straight home without getting out of the van. She seems to feel jipped somehow. Anyhew, I'm going up a busy four lane road (County Line) around 3:30 and this dark blue minivan is tailing me. I get in the left turn lane as the arrow ends. The lady honks--I assume to tell me to scoot up and push the yellow. I can see her mouthing, "MOVE UP YOU..." I'm not really keen on doing this but I'm aggressive enough to pull it off. I scoot up and get through the orange and she went through the red--no doubts. She proceeds to tail me and I'm getting really hot under the collar. I've already shouted--"What? What is your problem?" Really loudly and know I need to get a grip cuz little ears are listening. So, I think--pull over and let her go. That's what my Mom always says. So, I pull off to the side and let her pass. She takes her jolly time passing and then I pulled in behind her and honked my horn--BLLLATT--just once to show my dislike of her, I guess. I know, BAD! So, maybe to spite me, she slows down to 20 mph and then turns left onto a side street. ARGH--I yell, "If that's all the further you had to go, what was the point? You have some serious issues, lady!" And from the back seat I hear my daughter yell, "YEAH--weally!" Oh no---that's not good. On the plus side I didn't swear but I don't want my kids to see me lose my cool like that and I shouldn't be allowing people to bother me to that extent.
When I started thinking of Scripture to aide me in my struggle I thought of "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do (or how to drive)." but that is waaayyy out of context. Just kidding! Seriously, I have my MomE blog verse Ps. 121:1 on my dash now to help me to remember that my help comes from God. That's BIG for me because I often think that I don't need help and can do it all on my own. How ridiculous and sad. Sooo, if you have wisdom to lend please share. I love ya'll's comments!


Pastor D said...

I don't know where you get your SHORT fuse. Hmmmm.

Pastor D said...

I suppose you might have inherited my driving attitude. Sorry.