Monday, June 30, 2008

My shoe horse...

I think my daughter is what is referred to as a "shoe horse." She loves shoes and desires to collect as many pairs as possible. She also loves bags too (we affectionately call her the bag lady) but that's for another blog. We can't go past the shoes in Walmart without her screeching, "Shoooes, shooes--I need shooes!" We are working on the need vs. want concept. She also feels she needs "chalk lett!"

So, I counted the other day and between play shoes, garage sale finds, and good shoes she has (are you ready for this?) 12--TWELVE--a DOZEN pairs of shoes. Good grief. I guess she comes by it honestly--she gets it from me. Although, I have to point out that I do NOT expend a large part of our income to this shoe fetish.

Actually, as gruesome as it may seem, I get the majority of mine from Goodwill. I say gruesome not because it is Goodwill (cuz I LUV Goodwill) but because my feet are small, really small. Gruesome means that the shoes I find are most likely from the estates of our dearly departed little ole grannies! I have some of the coolest most colorful heels ever! He he he he---ha ha ha!

Don't worry, I'm teaching Emma to be cost conscious too--she gets most of hers as hand me downs or from garage sales for no more than a quarter. At most garage sales they just give her the shoes cuz they think she's cute. Humph!

It is funny. She has a bag of shoes---and she carefully selects which shoes for the day--if I'm letting her choose. Snort--like I said, "NO CROCS at the zoo!"

FYI--if any of my girlfriends need girls shoes size 5-6 I'm going to be passing on a treasure trove!

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