Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mom's pretties!

I took some pictures of the pretties at my Mom's house this past week. These water irises were blooming their hearts out. So pretty!

Emma was being silly in front of the rhododendron--also blooming wildly! Isn't she cute...and pretty! *Note: the key word in today's blog is pretty!
The porch trellis had Clematis blooming on it--at least that's what I think its called. I closed in on this very pretty star flower!
Awwww, isn't that a pretty little pond! That poor goose used to be in my Mom's guest bathroom. It scared the daylights out of people and probably saw waaayyy more than it ever wanted to--and its reward is to now overlook this little pond and be "pooed" upon by the birds. Poor 'ole goose!

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