Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn Leaves for Aunt Cindy

I had wanted to dip leaves in wax and overnight them to my dear Aunt who's battling breast cancer...but between getting sick and rainy days...well...this is what I could create! Add some crunchy sounds and smells...and a lot of prayer!


Tracy said...

Gorgeous fall colors. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara H. said...

Lovely! Whenever my mom visited she tried to make it in October because where she lived in TX they didn't have fall colors on the trees -- they just went from green to brown.

Just prayed for your aunt.

Pastor D said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm sure Aunt Cindy will enjoy them.

I have about a ton - maybe two - of crunchy leaves in my yard. When you are here we can box up some to send to her in Florida - then she can crunch them while she looks at the pictures.

And... you can all help me bag up the rest of those leaves. I did four this afternoon - only about 20 more to go!