Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raising Cain?

I'd never really considered this before...but I have set judgements against certain Bible characters.  Negative judgements.  I've dealt with some of these...aka. Eve.

It's all about being honest about myself.  It's about realizing my sin is just as bad as his and hers and theirs....we are all sinners.

In my favorite Bible Study we are studying Genesis...and I've dissected the story of Cain in ways I never have before.  I'll admit that I don't have much sympathy for Cain...he is a BAD guy after all...the first murderer.  He's notorious....nobody wants to be like him.

But I was so touched by how God dealt with him.  Not at all how I think I might parent such a child.  So, I took note...because He is the Perfect Parent.

When Cain brought the wrong offering...God doesn't excuse his wrong behavior...but He does give him another chance.  The rules were clear, obedience was expected!  He tells Cain that if he does what is right he will be accepted.  He gently and firmly warns him that sin is just waiting for him....waiting to eat him up...encouraging him to rule over the sin before it dominates him!

But...if you've heard this story...Cain just gets madder...and in his anger towards God, he goes out into the field and kills his brother Abel.

Now, here's where I'm just amazed by God's patience.  When God questions Cain, He already knows what he's done, and Cain acts like a smart alec!  Ooooo...talk about cruisin for a bruisin!

And when that punishment does come crashing down...cuz God is the Perfect Judge after all...The rules were clear and the consequences sure!  Then Cain WHINES about it!  Oh, I just hate whining!  But God responds with a certain measure of mercy!  Can you believe it!?  WOW...he protects him from death by marking him.

But...like I said...when I really look at myself...

How often do I go whining to God?...dissatisfied, discontent, ungrateful?...but every time...EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. that I come to God, He receives me!  He isn't sick of me!

There are consequences for sin...but I have no reason to ever question my God's love!

Confession of sin and repentance of sin are necessary for forgiveness of sin!  Don't leave it for later. Get rid of the YUCK now!

Oh Dear Lord, 
Oh, how I want everything I do to be eternally focused and completely in Your plan for me!  I know that all that stuff I do that's independent of You has no eternal value.  I was created for obedience...help me to obey immediately, completely, sweetly...whatever I do let it be for Your glory!