Thursday, February 14, 2013

AND...uh huh...yeah...

"I have a confession to make. I might be smiling and nodding but
I'm really only thinking about what I'm going to say next."
Yes, this is something that I struggle against. 

And as awful as this is when dealing with is truly awful when speaking to God. 

Some good friends just shared some awesome prayer time encouragement with me.  One resounding thing they said was...
...after focusing on God's character and attributes...
...pouring out my thanksgiving... 
Wait and Listen. 

And although not my strong suit...I'm finding that it's often my prayers can be full of me smiling and nodding and thinking about what I'm going to say next.  No listening.  No waiting expectantly.  I discovered I don't even always expect God to answer...and when He does I'm quite likely to miss out on thanking Him.  *sigh*

And...there are those times when I don't know what I'm really praying for...just HIS WILL...yet I still need to ASK for clarity and specifics to trust.  Those come from God's Word!  Before I read it...I've started praying that God would help me learn, see, grow...It does make a difference!

And prayer on the go is all well and good...("pray without ceasing', right?)...but sometimes it takes prayer on the knees.  Focused, alone, quiet.

And, last thing about being expectant.  I have to be ready to act on the guidance that He gives me.  No more doubting...only me ready for action...ready to OBEY.  Am I watching as I get off my knees?

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It sounds like you are learning a lot about prayer.