Friday, February 22, 2013

Hospitable motivation?

I finally did the only thing I could think of to remove the winter blahs!  I invited people over for dinner and games!  Hey, don't knock a good plan.  It works...try it. 

Frankly, hospitality is one of those truly lost arts.  I think people make it too hard.  The house really doesn't have to be spotless...after this ice and melting my freshly mopped floors are covered with dog prints anyway!  HA!  

Setting a table with your best dishes isn't really what people are looking for anyway.  Most folks want to get to know the REAL you...not your best "put on" self.  Tonight, I'm truly welcoming our new friends to come do with us what we always personal, tortilla lite pizzas...gobble a yummy chocolately dessert...and play games.  Non-screen games...ahem!  Speed Scrabble and Attack UNO!

This is the season I hole up with deep books and warm, steaming cups of caffeinated goodness.  And although I learn a multitude of wonderful, heart changing things...sometimes it makes me sad and a bit too introspective.  I just finished Bonhoeffer, I read and am re-reading Embracing Obscurity  and I'm just delving into In The Land Of Blue Burqas and Tortured For His Faith.  AWESOME stuff...but hhhheeeaaavvvy!

So, I'm praying that by being real with you about my winter blahs I will encourage ya'll out there in the internet world my most fabulous imaginary friends  to tidy up a bit (we don't want to scare anyone now!) and invite people into your world. 

And you know I can't leave it alone.  People need to know about JESUS ya'll.  Create situations where you can speak about Him.  My home is the BEST place for this...cuz I have GOD'S WORD plastered on almost every wall...and I'm my most comfortable. 

OR...look around at who needs to be encouraged.  Probably it's not your bestie and her fam...those get togethers will work themselves out.  I've been so convicted lately...I just must do a better job of encouraging my sisters!!  If they are truly my SISTERS IN doesn't matter if they are occasionally irritating or not remotely close to my age or unlikely to be close friendship fodder...we're related ya'll.  

Let God work out the details and just step out in obedience.  Blessings will replace your blahs!



Yes. We had dinner guests last night, too. A simple meal. I did not even make dessert, but afterwards, I wish I had. Just because dessert is fun.

What great way to make winter more fun.


Alessandra said...

Not a bad idea at all, I just have to get rid of the cat smell first, I know I wouldn't like to eat in a house that smells like cats...or dogs for that matter...