Thursday, October 23, 2014

SOAP: Exodus 14

I'm sure this Bible study method has been around for a long time...but it's a recent discovery to me...and I'm enjoying, I wanted to share...

S- (Scripture)-  Exodus 14

O- (Observations)-
-to show God's glory
-gave reasons to trust and follow
-prepared to fight (GO forward) but no actual fighting.
-it was all God.

A- (Applications)-
-I do not deserve salvation---as I cringe and complain.  But, God is faithful to keep His promises.
-He is a wall of protection between me and the enemy.
-When I have faith in God's promises I can have peace in my heart.
-TRUE faith depends on what God says, not what we see or how we feel.
Faith is NOT Superstition...believing in spite of evidence.
FAITH is obeying in spite of consequence.

P- (Prayer)-
Oh Lord, I am so unworthy of Your love and salvation.  Help me to live as Your beloved redeemed...acting only in Your power.  Please teach me to be STILL with peace in my heart.  Oh Lord, I long to show You TRUE FAITH in obedience in spite of consequence.  Help me to fully rely on You!  Amen.  

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