Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Randomness...

In case you couldn't tell, I love coffee.  I'm sure all the coffee photos were a big clue!  But, I have this thing against decaf.  It just seems so hypocritical.  I'm pretending to drink coffee.  

However, age has finally caught up with me and if I drink real coffee past about noon then I'm up at 2 AM staring at the ceiling.  

So, in the cold, frigid evenings when I want to hold a warm mug of something, I've been drinking *gasp* TEA!  I really like Yogi Tea...because I love the little sayings that come attached to each bag.  This is also the reason I love Dove chocolates but that's a whole other bunny trail.  

Sooo, for a bit of Monday randomness...and since the kids have a two hour delay and I have time to type this up...I'll share with you a few of the tea bag notes I've saved.

Speak the truth.

Develop the power of listening.

Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules.

Let your heart speak to other's hearts.

Listen and you will develop intuition.

Not exactly Scripture...but interesting to ponder.  Some are total ridiculous crud that I throw away with the soggy bag...but some are fun to think about.  IF I had tons of time I'm sure I could tear the above apart and analyze them more closely...but I don't and I'm not.

Enjoy...and stay warm if you live in any of the frozen parts of the country.  It's 6 degrees here with a windchill of -30!  BRRR!


Pastor D said...

The Donut House Decaf for the Keurig is great coffee. You are missing it. But it doesn't have little notes.

Barbara H. said...

Good to see you blogging again!

Some years ago I had to go all decaf due to a heart rhythm problem. People often say, "What's the use?" of drinking decaf coffee. I do miss using it to wake me up or keep me awake, but I like it for warmth in the winter or with something sweet. It took some getting used to, but it does still hit the spot sometimes.

I never learned to like hot tea. With milk, without milk, flavored or not - I can't get past the smell. Though I do like iced tea (decaf as well.)

Stay warm! We had some subzero temps last week, very unusual for TN, but being out today in the 30s felt nice by comparison. 25 days til spring!