Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowy Return...

Ah, Hello Sweet Void...I've missed you. In this season of Lenten self evaluation I've cut out Facebook and Pinterest and as usual am probably over analyzing social media. However, in doing so, I realized I really missed blogging. Unlike the constant barrage of the presence of social media...blogging is different for me.  During a time where I'm attempting to be more focused on Christ, I find my fingers itching to think via this online journal.  For one thing, rather than forcing info. on my "friends" I simply write on my blog and those who wish to see it come to me.  I find myself much more thoughtful.  I photograph and carefully select pictures...instead of clipping them on my phone and blipping them via app to the FB.  Not to mention, the cathartic aspect of truly writing...not phrasing out cute captions.
The voyeurism of Facebook and Pinterest gets to me...and I find myself "performing" and feeling like I'm seeking approval and validation...playing fake... all at the same time. Weird...and not especially healthy for me.  Notice: I'm saying FOR yelling at me if you disagree.  If it works for you, knock yourself out!

After several days of something that can only be referred to as withdrawal from this habit of posting my children's every cuteness amid spiritual pretty pictures and quotes...I've been humbled and convicted...realizing that once again one of my favorite idols, the opinion of mankind, had grown beyond what I'd really been admitting to myself.  Note:  I've just finished reading "When People are Big and God is Small" by Edward Welch...and this could be adding to my already building thoughts and feelings on this topic.  Great read...I highly recommend it!
Back to my intense analysis of social media... I discovered it'd been sucking my time dry too. I was saying I was so stretched, didn't have time to get certain things done, like reading, sewing or anything else...and now upon taking this break, I suddenly finding my time is wide open...Not only do I have time to be in God's Word and prayer (the real "lent" reasoning) but I have time for much more.  I have nothing to check, no one to follow...phew. Oh, what a relief it is.
Now, I know I'm opening myself up to heavy criticism upon sharing this opinion.  So, I suppose this is my disclaimer.  I've already been told to learn to let things roll off my back, use self control and get a grip and not over-analyze things...and I see the point and I've tried.  Hey, if it doesn't cause problems for ya'll than great. But...if I am convicted to stop and get off of this merry-go-round for awhile...I'd better obey.  And so far, I'm loving it...and I'm loving a chance to blog here in my spot of the blogosphere where people can come to me as they so please...see my opinion...and take it or leave it.  I do see that anything can become an idol...and blogging just depends on what tempts ya.
Sheesh...I might never return to the craziness...even though I said I would in April...We shall see.  I'm not promising to blog a whole lot...but, it's nice to feel like I have time to do so if I craft something share worthy.  Originally, I'd felt a lot of pressure to maintain two blogs...and have just been blipping pictures to my MomE blog with no cute anecdotes.  Perhaps, I will start changing that...

Stay Warm!!

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Barbara H. said...

I agree that anything can be a problem, and if you can tell it is affecting you in wrong ways, then it is best to back away from it.

But, like you also say, it's not a problem in that way for everyone. I enjoy keeping in touch with some friends and family in that way. When my mom was alive, we used to talk on the phone often, but none of my siblings talks or writes or even e-mails, so FB is where I can keep up with them. But even with people at church that I see every week, I get to know them better and know more of what's going on in their lives than I do in the casual passing "Hi, how are you's" at church.

I never thought of it as a place to maintain a false front or assume it of someone else - we all know we've all got dirty laundry (literally and figuratively) and none of us is perfect.