Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Update: My life, my whirlwind!

So, we went on our yearly trip to upstate NY to visit my grandparents.  It was beautiful there in the mountains by the lake, as it always is...and it was interrupted by work, as it always is.  

My husband's company had been showing signs of strain for years...filing a form of bankruptcy, layoffs...but we'd said we felt he was secure in his position and we'd stay.  He liked it and he's loyal and wanted to help them succeed.  But, they'd continually been encroaching on our family time...long and late teleconferences became longer and later...and went from once a month to almost every night with many more trips overseas.  Oh, and did I mention...they never NEVER let us have a vacation without an interruption... or several.  Everything was an emergency.  And I'd say, "there is no reason a good employee shouldn't be able to leave for a week without this kind of intrusion."...well, it finally got to my sweet, humble Loverbrains this July and he decided to put out his resume to three places.  

As soon, as we got home from that vacation he was sent overseas for possibly a week, possibly more...and he said, "put the house up for sale so we aren't stuck with it if I get a new job in the wintertime."  So, my Mom came for her scheduled visit and I put her to work (ha)...and she helped me clear and clean and set up that house for sale.  When he came home a week later we listed it at the highest going price and in one showing...it sold...for asking price!  WOW!

So, while Loverbrains fielded major problems at his current job he also had phone interviews on the down low...and managed to schedule two live interviews back to back.  I bought new suits and helped him prepare in any way I could.  I prayed...a lot.  His interview on the Monday went great and they offered him the position right before he walked into his other interview on Tuesday.  That interview went so well that they met him for dinner and offered him that job too.  By Wednesday he had both offers in writing on his desk.  Just so ya'll know...that doesn't happen...that was God.  God gave multiple good options.  God is so good.  And it seemed that God was very serious about us moving.  WOW!  

We had great connections through our church and were able to get help completing the home inspection items on our list for our buyer in record time.  And we were able to house hunt that very next Saturday and Sunday and find...ok, I'll just say it...my dream house!  Seriously, it's gorgeous!  All the details fell into place with it too.  I remember one Sunday I was feeling stressed about some minor detail regarding inspection or some such and as I shared it with an older lady at church she just looked at me at said, "Honey, it just seems like God is steam rolling the way before you...don't you think you can trust Him?"  And indeed He has steamrolled the way.

He blessed us with corporate movers too.  Although the big dog relocation company wasn't very nice the third party they hired were just splendid...so much so that I now have a friend named Karen in MA should I ever visit there.  Seriously, moving is stressful and when the big dog company kinda forgot they were dealing with people and not just money and the Monday of the move told us they might put us into storage for two weeks...my MA friend listened to me cry and reassured me that they would be there to move us no matter what ducks were lined up or not!  They wouldn't leave us stranded.  Castine Movers...I'm telling you...they're the best!  

So, in roughly 8-10 weeks....we moved.  Things are still a bit crazy here...and on gray days like today they are a bit lonely and quiet for this extroverted chica.  But, we know that God has a plan for us here...He moved us...and We trust Him!  We are excited to see what He has in store.


Barbara H. said...

Oh wow! Lots of changes! But so, so neat to see the Lord's hand in it all!

Joyce said...

Oh I have been there many times and I so feel your 'pain' : ) I'm glad you have seen God's hand at work, and a year from now looking back I bet it will be even more amazing. Are you in a new state? How are the kids handling the transition? I'm moving in a couple of weeks into our new home and am so ready. Happy new home!