Friday, April 18, 2008


Here's a pic of my pretty front flower bed. Daffodils and tiny grape Hyacinths.

I was out raking leaves out of my flowerbeds yesterday and was periodically smelling something stinky. I thought maybe the neighbor's horrible cat had kills another of my birds---grrr! I looked all around (under the porch stairs, under the garden bench, etc.) but couldn't find anything. And then it occurred to is our beautiful pear trees. They bloom white and pretty but stink like fishy rotting stuff. I guess it works for them--they do get pollinated after all! HA! Just a heads up for anyone thinking of planting them. They are Cleveland Pear trees and although beautiful (round tree shape, nice bloom, non-fruit bearing) they stink in the Spring. Big time!

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Infarrantly Creative said...

Oh gorgeous! I can't wait to give my yard a little color. PURDY PURDY