Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kitchen REDO? What? Wait...

Sometimes I make myself wonder...What was I thinking? I knew when we moved in that I wasn't going to keep this kitchen border. While there are many worse ones I can just isn't, the more wallpaper I take off in this house...the more I DETEST IT! The kitchen was not on the top of my to dos...and I had no real plans for what or when. But then, I was feeling stressed the other day...and just gave it a pick...ya know, where it was loose. And now, half of it is off!

I lightly use apples in my decor...You have to be careful what you say or you wind up with tons of apple stuff! This border has apples....and also has pansies, ferns and long scientific names for flowers. Hmmm.
The yellow walls I don't mind but will still change. Notice...the top layer of the wallpaper peeled right off leaving the backing...that must be soaked with my mixture (fabric softener and water) before scraping off. Eww! I just redid the upstairs bathroom...and had no adverse reactions to the stuff...but for some odd reason have been SNEEZING my head off in the kitchen. Humph...well, it's coming off anyway! I think I'll paint it a warm carmel brown and make a dark red curtain for the window. For those interested....NO BORDER will grace the walls!

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