Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Mother's Prayer...

A few years back, my Mom decided to go to quilting "full time" and not keep her cross stitching stuffs. Therefore, I happily inherited all her DMC colors, patterns, aida, and the like! I even got half finished projects--wah hoo! Truly, it was one of those wonderful gifts! So, recently I decided to hunt through my "new stuffs" for a new project...after all it's wintertime! I came across this slip of notebook paper with this poem written on it. My Mom must have come across it at some point and put it in as something good. I graphed it out and put it on my devo. table...the best place for me to see it as a reminder. It fits my life so perfectly right now!
An observation about my blogging self...
...when I am going through stressful times I post more poems and songs. This makes perfect sense because they comfort me, soothe me, and help me express myself. Sometimes my own words fail to fit that spot. When you see lots of songs and are pretty safe to assume I could use some extra prayers. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know that I prayed for you today.

Mom W.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I love that!!

I want to copy it, but I am having trouble with a word - keep my lips from ?what? sharp replies

MomE said...

Here are the words...

A Mother’s Prayer

Give me patience
When little hands
Tug at me with
Ceaseless small demands.

Give me gentle words
And smiling eyes,
And keep my lips
From hasty, sharp replies.

Let me not in weariness,
Confusion or noise
Obscure my vision
From life’s fleeting joys,

That, when in years to come
My house is still,
Beautiful memories
Its rooms may fill.

Anonymous said...

I gave away all my stuff too a few years back because I scrapbook mostly (mainly because I'm getting too old to look at that small stuff!) You did a beautiful job and I love that poem Very nice! Tonia

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That looks really pretty, Bobbi. I absolutely love to cross stitch. I'll have to show you some sometime...maybe put some on my blog or something. Like when I finally get those house pictures posted....I don't do needlework or crewel though. And I only do counted, not stamped. Are you picky?