Friday, June 5, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness! Strawberries and Sleeplessness!!

I guess this will be my weekly excuse to bounce all over the place...sort of like I talk...hahaha!

I need to go grocery shopping cuz...we're out of the essentials (ie. yogurt for Sweet Girl and graham crackers for Sweet Boy). My lists are changing with my summer menu...which I know...deep breath...isn't a big deal. I want to plan more grilling...which always shocks me at the increased price of eating this way! Thankfully, we are blessed...and we can right now! Count your blessings.

I'm crazy and planned to practice a piano piece with my church buddy this afternoon. It should be okay...the house isn't scary dirty like yesterday...and the kids should have had naps by then. Of course, my newly tuned piano would decide to act really wonky all of the sudden. I'm wondering if a spring broke or something. It almost sounds honky tonk in certain areas. Odd...but I hope fixable! I'm hoping to schedule the piano tuner visit next week.

I'm planning to go strawberry picking tomorrow. Haven't been in years...but I used to be a quick and efficient picker. I'll see if I can still keep up with my own expectations! HA! I plan to pick ALOT and do freezer jam. It sounds really easy...I just hope it actually proves truly easy. At least Loverbrains can watch the kids...and that will help mucho mucho!

Decided I'd had enough of Sweet Boy's night waking...and night bottles. I know, shame on me for doing that in the first place. When you have to break them of bad habits it really hits you what a dope you were for allowing it in the first place. I've been singing him a lot of lullabies and stroking his back (at bedtime, 10, 2, and case you're interested). I would like new suggestions for things to sing softly. I sing hymns, the lullaby from Sarah, Plain and Tall, Summertime by Gershwin, Count Your Blessings from White Christmas...and the normals...Lullaby and Goodnight...

Okay, that's random enough...time to go get my second cup of coffee...reheated for the third time! Yeah...I'm a distracted caffeine user!


crittyjoy said...

Caffeinated randomness is a fun way to end any week :)

Strawberry picking sounds like so much fun..enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Andrea said...

I have to reheat my coffee at least once in the morning - I can't just toss it!

I sing You Are My Sunshine to my boy at bedtime. And have you ever read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch? That song is sweet - but I'll warn you, you'll cry reading it if you haven't already!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Not a singer, so I can't help, because we made up songs. We're kind of weird.

Never got into the middle of the night stuff, but I feel for you. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I'm grumpy if I get woken up. Of course when they were little bitty it was different.

Love strawberry picking. Haven't done it in a couple of years, or maybe it's been five or six.