Friday, June 12, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness- Teether and Lefty Echo Ball Dance!

So, let's start with the upset teether man. Yes, he follows me everywhere...and drools on my clothes. He wants up...he wants down...he doesn't know what he wants! Everyone, work together now...pray that his eye teeth come in very soon! On the positive side however, sleeping through the night is progressing nicely. Three out of five days this week! Woohooo!
Now, who knew? They did this for hours yesterday...and amazingly no one got hurt. They did the weird ball dance (the princess even dressed in her gown)...and giggled and chortled and shrieked! It was quite amusing to watch I decided to try it. Guess what? You can hear this weird echo in the ball. No wonder it's so fun...they can hear and see each other! Hilarious! Who knew??
Another wildly random girl is a lefty...end of questions. Not sure how I feel about it. Hardy har know it's a righty world, right??? Here she is working on our secret Father's day cards. Shhhh...after I mail them...I'll share with all you blogging pigeons out there too. They are turning out super d duper dee cute! Yup, I'm flying high on the wings of today for some crazy reason.
On the random cleaning front today has been truly productive. Got the floors and bathrooms ironing done...and even went to Joann's to get the last things I needed to finish some Christmas presents. Planning to organize the toy box this afternoon cuz it's buggin me. No, I won't come to your house...I'm tired! Going to try to enjoy the rest of the peace of the nap time. AHHHH!


Andrea said...

You're finishing Christmas presents?! Oh my. You are my new hero! :P

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Excuse me, Christmas presents? Hello, it's June! Did I miss a memo?

We have one lefty. It's Chatty. Quite the challenge to teach stuff to being the righty world and all. Just have her mirror you instead of going behind her and trying to hold things the right way. Unless of course you are left handed.