Friday, February 5, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Date Deprived Barometer...that's me!

Grab a good cup of coffee...this might take a bit to figure out...real randomness is approaching!

It is majorly snowing right now. No biggie...I like it when it snows...provided I have NO PLANS. it's a BIGGIE...I had a wonderful day planned for myself tomorrow. I have a "just girlie me" something in the morning...with Loverbrain child care provided.

We then have a much needed date night scheduled. I've really really REALLY been looking forward to it. He's been working a lot and when he is home I try to make sure the kids get to see him as much as possible. AND IT WAS GONNA BE MY TURN...just me!

So, pray ya'll...I mean come on...right now...*pause and pray that your wacky little friend will get her date night*! I'd do the same for fact...I'll pray that EVERYONE out there gets some personal one on one time...or "just girlie me" time...this weekend.

Oh, and you're wondering about the whole "I'm a barometer" thing. Well, I suppose this comes with age...although I've only heard of REALLY old people doing this...but I can tell when a major change in weather is approaching. Yeah, I'm like a walking barometer. I get this KILLER HEADACHE...and when the weather front rolls in my headache lifts...and fingers and toes ache! Beginners arthritis, baby...break out, what do you take for arthritis? I don't do Ibuprofen it hurts my tummy. Tylenol, I guess! HA! So....anyhew...

Happy weekend to you...I'm off to make my Friday night pizza dough...ya it can be good and puffy for patting out the pizzas with the little sweet boobahs in a few hours. Sigh...weekends and Fridays fly by!



Critty said...

I am praying for you....those personal days and date nights are important!

I sooo understand the barometer thing.

And...send some snow my way...pretty please?! :o)

Andrea said...

Yay for date night!!

Tracy said...

Oh, sister! Right now, I pray for your date night. I understand completely. Isn't it wonderful to feel that way about our husbands? I agree with Andrea, "Yay for date night!!"

e-Mom said...

I'm praying that [my] wacky little friend will get her date night LOL, you deserve it, need it, and you'll love it!

e-Dad's ankles hurt when the weather is changing... like you he's a human barometer.