Friday, February 12, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Save the Spotted Owl!

I think, Winter might last FOREVER! No, I'm just kidding...nobody go and hit the panic button. We've had a series of snow storms and very cold temps...all meaning that I'm feeling a bit frazzled and weary...
Loverbrain's been out of town on business for a few days...and that really pushes the limits of my endurance...I'm ashamed to say I did have a bit of a "grouchfest" at him when I called to have the kids say goodnight to find he was out having a nice dinner. (I had leftovers.)

It's all okay now. After all, I'm here doing what I want to do...spending my days FULL of things to do and little warm bodies to love and teach... I'm so blessed. My Loverbrain has a great job...and gets to go out to dinner 'company paid'...he's safe and will hopefully be home late tonight. I'm so blessed.
The random thread is thin here, I know...but try to follow me. How many times do you find yourself grouching over your blessings?'s startling to me. This morning, after a good long TALK with God (you know the one's where He does most of the talking), and several cups of very CAFFEINATED coffee...I'm trying to give thanks in everything. I purposed to be kind and loving to my cooped up babies today. I followed them around and made my spotted owl. Isn't he cute? I think I'll call him sounds very any wise owl would be, of course. Nothing like re-purposing a sock, while playing with toddlers...with a joyful make the sun shine again.



Andrea said...

It's hard to be alone with the kids when your husband is away for a few days. I know - I'm doing it right now! You're doing the best you can right now, so don't be too hard on yourself, okay?

Barbara H. said...

That's a cute little owl.

It was hard for me, too, when my husband traveled when the kids were smaller.

He used to come home after several days and I was dying to eat out -- but he had eaten out all week and really wanted to eat at home.

So I started getting dinner out with the kids some times from places he doesn't like to eat when he's gone. We all love KFC and the kids like Taco Bell, but my husband doesn't like either of them, so sometimes when he's gone I'll get one or the other at the drive-through, then we'll eat it in front of the TV, which is not normally where we eat. It gave me a break and the kids a treat and got a little of that eating out bug out of my system. Doesn't quite rate with Red Lobster, but it helps. :-)

Michelle said...

Usually when my hubby is away on business, that is when I get lazy. We order out or we eat pancakes for dinner. The kids think its a treat, and I get an easy night, since the rest of the day is usually pretty stressful. Luckily, my hubby hasn't be away in a while.

e-Mom said...

Your under snow? So sorry. (We're treading water though torrential rain.) Your spotted owl is darling, and a creative way to get through the day. (I'm replacing lightbulbs, glueing broken things... sort of creative!) :~D

Anonymous said...

I like Archibald Owl's little pointy ears. He's cute. Missing you. Love, Mom

Critty said...

You made that owl?

He is the most adorable thing ever!

You are sooo talented!

I know about being grouchy at times and I am praying He lifts your spirits. You are awesome my friend!