Friday, April 30, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Colanders and a 30 year old teenager!!

There are days that I wish I could get away with taking a whole stack of donuts. I was on a Celiac diet while pregnant with my son, and I dreamed in gooey detail about Krispy Kreme glazed donuts....OH.MY....gonna drool on my MacBook... Just to show you that men really don't understand Loverbrains asked me why dreaming about them in detail didn't help me...uh, smelling and licking one would help too?!!

I did one of those super dumb things this morning. I took my two children out to do errands...while my youngest is still struggling with a double ear infection and pink eye. Okay, before anyone yells he's been on antibiotics for 48 I didn't expose anyone! About half way through he melted down. Poor thing. Dumb MomE! Two totally random things are connected to this teary, clingy outing though so...I digress...

I was hunting the dollar stores for colanders. Why? Well, Loverbrains and I decided to do the Global Bucket method of gardening this year. I especially love the "self watering" aspects of this method. You really should check it out. On the advice of my friend (Hi Kerry) I even hunted around the fast food joints to gather FREE 5 gallon buckets. On a random sidenote: Most places looked at me like I had three heads and one guy asked me if I realized they sold them at Walmart for $3. I said, "Yes, and these are....FREE!!" you'll see from the website you can either put two buckets inside each other or put a colander in the bottom. Loverbrains preferred the latter method because it forms it's own wick. I went to Walmart...they are $5 apiece...yikes-ers says the Frugal off to dollar store. I did find them at the third dollar store I tried...woohoo!

On my way out of the last dollar store...the store where I finally allowed my melting down crew to buy toys...I was in one of those situations where I parked next to someone who was trying to leave at the same time. You know, where you have to really hustle your kids into the car so they can open their car door and get in? It was a teenager with a little babe in a pumpkin seat carrier. She smiled sweetly and said she was in no hurry. Then (prepare for randomness ya'll) she said she was surprised I had two...since I looked so young. Obviously, she is regarding me as a peer. And then, in my shocked and frazzled (probably not enough coffee) state...I started to giggle. She looked surprised and I told her that I was 30...yeah...THIRTY!!! She said that I looked just like one of her friends from high school (I think she was in high school)...I sweetly told her "thanks" but I'm not sure I am thankful. Gosh, I hope that I handle my children with more finesse than a teen. I was wearing jeans and a polo shirt...with makeup and hair done, ya'll. Maybe I need to find an older look. Ack...I don't would ya'll have taken it??

What thinkest thou on this random day that's in desperate need of an iced coffee.

Well, my bathrooms and floors are clean....and my random post is complete...and off to make an iced coffee I go....Hope your weekends are absolutely fabulous!!


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh how precious that she was receptive and sweet to you and not angry and bitter. That was my first thought - I think our teen moms are so often used to being judged that they assume they will be looked down upon so they harden up a bit. I try to embrace those babies (both of them) with love so they can see that they are loved right now where they are. I also think it's important to thank them for making the choice they did and not the alternative that so many do in their situations. All of this to say that it sounds to me like she was reaching out to you and paying you a compliment.

On another note, thank you for your sweet words regarding my post today. I will go back to it when I am having one of those days when I feel like I can't even form a sentence. Thanks, Bobbi!

I hope your iced coffee was delicious!

Layton Family Joy said...

haha - I haven't been mistaken for a teenager since before I was a teenager!

I'm more mistaken for Alice Cooper most days because I constantly forget to wash my face before bed. My husband told me that's a huge insult to Alice Cooper!


Bobbi said...

@ Natalie: Yeah, interesting that is what my husband said. He said, “Maybe God is giving you an outreach to teen moms...” What I didn’t mention in my post is that this keeps happening to the library, etc. Not “other moms” but very obviously teen moms...find me approachable. I don’t know if it’s cuz I look young or they just feel accepted by me. I’m praying about it. Thanks for the advice and encourage them and love them!
The iced coffee was delicious!

Critty said...

Being thought of as younger always makes me happy :)

What an interesting method...I am going to check it out. And I so agree why pay 3 bucks when you could get the buckets for free. Silly Boy. He will understand one day...haha!

And Krispy Kremes Yum. A few weeks ago I went grocery shopping at our local Kroger. It was Friday morning and as I stood in line to check out next to the KK older man nudged me and said do you like KK doughnuts. Of course I said yes. And he said, I'll let you in on a secret...the delivery man is coming in with fresh ones. He delivers them every friday morning at 9 a.m. you know there is nothing better than a fresh one.

Guess who brought home KK's? Me ;)


Have a wonderful weekend Bobbi!


Barbara H. said...

You do look very young! I'd take it as a compliment. I've always been thought older than I was, which I loved as a kid....not so much after 30...

Just skimming through the other comments, that's interesting that teen moms find you approachable. That may indeed be an open door to a ministry with them.

Our Krispy Kreme is in the same area as the hospital and a lot of doctor and medical offices, so I am often tempted to stop by there after being in that area, especially when their "Hot Donuts Now" sign is on.

Bobbi said...

@ Barbara: My Dad worked there (one of many jobs) during his years at seminary. I remember vaguely him coming home in the wee hours of the morning...and my Mom waking me up to have a tiger tail or something yummy. So, they’re sentimental...that’s my excuse! HAHAHA!

Michelle said...

I haven't had a Krispy Kreme in two years. My hubby always calls me traitor when I start drooling remembering them as we live in Canada and are supposed to prefer Tim Hortons. But Timmies doesn't have anything on a freshly baked glazed Krispy Kreme. On my next trip to California, I hope to get a Krsipy Kreme on the first day.

Scott said...

This comment as nothing to do with this post. I read in another blog that you were wondering how to post a link in a comment. Don't know if you found out, but I wrote a tutorial on it about a week ago. If you are interested in reading it click here. Enjoy your weekend.

e-Mom said...

Hi Bobbi... the guy above visited my blog and picked up your link from there. I answered one of your HTML questions in a tutorial post.

For some reasons donuts don't tempt me. It's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that does me in! :~D

Anonymous said...

I used to be told I looked young all the time. Now no one says anything. I'm not sure how to take that! haha!