Friday, April 23, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Ice Cream Coffee and Neti Pots!

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I had a bunch of random thoughts yesterday...and I thought to myself, "Self, you'd better write these things down now cuz you aren't remembering things like you used to, ya know." Well, I didn't write them my randomness will be splotchy! Sorry...HA!

First, I love this picture of ice cream with coffee...I mean how many ways can you spell YUMMO! Delicious, tasty, yummy, decadent...If I had vanilla bean ice cream in my freezer right'd be a done deal ladies...yeah!

Next, my daughter is on a decided princess kick. She's wearing her full bustled Cinderella dress EVERYWHERE. Well, not in public but only because she hasn't thought to ask. We're having our gutters replaced and the guys working on the house got a chuckle out of watching her. She comes swirling out of the house...singing little songs from the top of her "castle" (aka. swing set)...bossing her little brother around. She has a distinct personality change when she dons the dress. She sings ALOT and she bosses ALOT! Which if you think of Disney princesses...I guess that sort of works. Primadonnas!

The other thing to get a chuckle over is little Mr. Potty Training. He's doing really well. What's funny is that he'll be playing along and then suddenly shriek, "MomEEEEE, I's gotta go potty!" He holds himself and does the penguin skuttle towards the door. Just for bragging rights alone...I'd like to say that he has had no pee pee mistakes for four days...including naptimes and nighttimes. Poopoo...well, we're still working on it. I've actually been desperate for success and tried to get him to just pee on the flowers...but then discovered that my son is very modest...and was mortified at the very thought of "showing himself" to the outdoors! Hehehe! Oops!

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Last, a rather random plug for the Neti pot! Hahaha...I just realized that's a pun! Plug...get it! Hehehe! No,'s the world's greatest invention. I chose this picture because I don't think people realize how they work. I'm annoyed I didn't try this three years ago when I first heard of it. My Loverbrains is usually a one sinus infection after another kind of guy. Allergy season is just unbearable! BUT SINCE DOING THE NETI POT...we haven't been to the Dr. since Fall. He uses it twice a day...I usually only do it once. His allergies are still bad enough to mean Zyrtec daily...but he doesn't honk and blow in between like he used to...and it's so nice! I'm serious...If you have ANY congestion problems AT ALL...get over the EW factor and just try this. Give it a week. I hope it is as happily life changing for you as it's been for us!

So, that's it for my randomness today...Gonna go make an iced coffee and think about putting vanilla ice cream on the shopping list. Have a great weekend, filled with random loveliness.


Denise said...

LOL that's too funny about your daughter. There really is something to be said for how a uniform or style of dress can affect us!

And thanks, now I'll be dreaming about coffee and vanilla bean ice cream all day... =) said...

I always wondered how a neti pot actually worked. Thanks for the visual, I think! I should consider one before my fall allergies hit.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

OH wow - do we ever live parallel lives! My daughter is our resident princess and pretty much wears a costume all of the time. She's five and STILL loves to pretend and dress-up and I love it, too - I don't want to see that magic go.

I am also potty-training my little guy...Ahh...He's doing so well but I forgot how physically exhausting potty training is!

And lastly, my husband uses a neti pot daily. He says that it changed his life...:)

Happy CR - have a wonderful weekend, Bobbi!

Michelle said...

My daughter is almost over the princess phase and I thought I would be done with the costume phase. However, now my 4 year old has decided that HE is Spiderman. He quickly changed after preschool today into his Spidy pjs so he could be spiderman. There is no way he is going out in public like that.

Re: the neti pot. I'm not that adventurous, but I do use Hydra sense which is similar and it is amazing.

Critty said...

haha...yes those princesses can be a little bossy...and they definitely sing...alot.

I may give in and try a neti pot. Maybe.

Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Ok, love that your daughter has changed her identity to princess.

Love that your son is modest to the outdoors. Makes sense.

The neti pot. I am just not sure what to say about that. I have never tried it, but have heard wonderful things. Maybe if my allergies ever get bad, but for now I trust you. I just don't want to watch myself do it...ever.


Anonymous said...

My daughter was all about the fairies, and now my son is all about superheroes. I love this stage!

Karen said...

Chuckling as never disappoint!

Karen said...

You know, I don't think I've ever thought of ice cream on coffee. It sounds really good! Hey, how 'bout a scoop of butter pecan on top of some cinnamon coffee? Ooooh that sounds good!

Have a great weekend!