Friday, October 14, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness...VERY!

Here I sit pondering the state of my caffeinated randomness.  Frankly, I'm bit low on caffeine and high on the random.  Try to keep up!

Tonight my sweet Loverbrains and I are headed out for a date!  I must say, for the record, that I love, love, LOVE babysitting swapping with our dear friends.  Every other month I have a FREE babysitter...and on the other month I get to know their kids better and really serve them in a practical way! 

And another for the record (toldja this was random)...we are back to making a list of 7 things to talk about for date nights.  Why 7?  Cuz it's the perfect number, right?  It was between 7 and 12 and er, 7 won!  AND...why questions...cuz sometimes married folks with kids have numb brains and need to think of fun things to say...other than serious stuff and the kids.  HA!  Honestly, it just gets the ball rolling....and we learn all sorts of fun things about each other.  I mean, heh...someday when you're old I sure hope your pride doesn't keep you from making lists if you need them! And if you're just more creative and lovey dovey than us...well, good for's a cookie!

Speaking of old...I did get older on Monday.  In retrospect, I think I would have planned less for this natal week because here I am at the end of it...very tired and feeling every bit of my age...which I'm not sharing...okay...I'm 32...and I'm only sharing cuz...I have a funny RANDOM story to tell...My sweet Loverbrains made my cake...caramel with caramel frosting.  To represent my age he put three candles on one side and two on the other.  My sweet Emmer-bean said, "Hey're 5??"  It was TOO cute!  Thanks to my great Mom-in-law who is making me my most favorite kind of cake (the kind the others can't choke down)...carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  

AND...all this cake leads me to my last random subject...I'm joining a fitness program.  Yes, my pants are tight...but GI stuff is kicking up again...and I'm feeling crummy.  Also, considering my age...and the changes in metabolism...yadayadayada...yeah, I signed up and paid for some accountability.  I start Monday...I'm a bit nervous.  I don't exercise in front of others as a general rule...and I've always eaten whatever I wanted...Goodbye...those days are over.  Here comes HEALTHY!  I hope.

I'm off to slap on some beautiful for my date tonight.  Hope ya'll have a random and lovely caffeinated Friday!


Barbara H. said...

I loved trading off with friends to baby-sit, too, when mine we young. We didn't have a regular schedule, but we knew we could call on each other.

We just had a caramel cake for my m-i-l's b-day last summer. I'd been wanting to try one and she wouldn't give me a preference for what kind she wanted -- so I tried it then! It was really good. I like carrot cake most of the time -- kind of have to be in the mood for it.

What kind of fitness program are you doing? Hope it goes well for you.

Michelle said...

So can your mother in law make me carrot cake too. I'm salivating, but that is because I'm on day 5 of my nutrition plan. It fills me up on good things, but I want all the bad things. I'm getting up there in age and need to get healthy before I'm 39.

By the way.......HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!


I would love to hear your 7 questions. YEAH for date night.

And Happy Birthday.