Monday, October 24, 2011

Less is More

Take heed that the misdeeds for which thou correctest thy children be not learned them by thee. Many children learn that wickedness of their parents for which they beat and chastise them. ~John Bunyan

We did have a nice lunch together today.

Of course, that was after I started out the day trying to get WAY too many things done ...and I decided I don't like myself all rushed and short-tempered.   I don't think anyone else was enjoying it either.
Slowing down...grabbing my camera...capturing the precious...focusing on the eternally important... made the day all better!
PS...I used my new periwinkle bowl, Mom!  Thanks!  


Anonymous said...

OOO! It is pretty. Can't microwave it though with the metallic edge. Shouldn't anyway -- it's old -- like me! :o) Love, Mom D.

Joyce said...

I do not like myself rushed either. I am not the me I want to be in those moments. Glad your day turned around.

Barbara H. said...

Love this post! I tend to get flustered and then, sadly, harsh when rushed and rushing and over busy. Good thing to just slow down and get the right perspective.

That quote is convicting!