Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Awake


Somehow my alarm clock is all messed up.  My real alarm clock finally died over the holidays.  I've had it since it doesn't owe me anything.  But, my inner alarm clock is just whacked!  I feel like this baby...upside down.  I've always been an early to bed, early to problems in the sleep department kind of gal.  Now, suddenly, I'm laying awake at night...tossing and turning.  It's miserable.  Then, in the morning...this gal doesn't jump up for her time with Jesus.  I'm so far from AWAKE...I'm actually almost in, coffee.

And speaking of coffee...That's not it so don't even go there.  I only drink one cup in the morning...and no, I'm not giving it up...I'm drinking more water and exercising more than I ever have...ever.  And, I don't have any major worries.  Honestly, I was thinking about what I might wear to my husband's company dinner last night.

So, I'm resorting to prayer...RESORTING...yeah, duh!  Why is it my last resort?  When will I ever learn??

Oh, Dear Lord, Please help me to come to you right away about all things...great and small.  Please help me to begin sleeping WELL...Be my sleeping aide!  Allow me to be AWAKE in the morning...and up sitting quietly in my chair...AWAKE and listening for Your voice!!  Amen!!


hannah said...

i know the feeling -- i always have to catch myself with my heart condition of resorting to prayer.

Amy said...

Oh, yes. Whenever I catch myself thinking of prayer as a last resort, I need to give myself a mental dopeslap. Obviously, I'm still learning. But God is good and thank God for His grace.

Jen said...

okay -- I have NO idea if this will help, but when I have a hard time going to sleep, I say one sentence prayers, followed by "Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer." I think it's the repetition and His presence that finally helps me fall asleep.

Jennifer Officer said...

So glad it isn't just me. Thank you for sharing honestly. Sometimes I feel like every Christian woman gets up at a ridiculous hour and spends quality time with God then joyfully makes a beautiful breakfast with a smile.


Blessings on your sleep.


Pastor D said...

You want your father to sing you a lullaby? I will!

Try this. No screen time for at least an hour before bed. That means no Kindle Fire. If you are going to read at that hour, use an old fashioned book. But definitely no games, etc.

Love you, kid.

Dad D