Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flattered/Party Pooper!?

It is always delightful to have engaged followers and be tagged by a new friend.  I was flattered to be tagged my Marti of Marti's Musings...but as has become my general rule...I'm a party pooper when it comes to these tag thangs.  They just feel eerily like chain letters.  No matter how much I like the catchy ideas or questions, I just can't find the time to do all the linkage involved in this process.  I barely get out coherent blogs these days anyway, it seems.  So, I shall graciously bow out.  I did answer Marti's fun questions quickly though...

1.  Where do you like to vacation?
Every year I go on vacation with my family for a week in Upstate New York to our family homestead.  It's all vacations should be!
2.  Do you have pets?
We have a Shih Tzu/ Yorkshire Terrier (Shorkie) named Scruffy.  She's a year and a half old...and very calm and precious!
3.  What is your favorite color?
I love red and turquoise!
4.  How many are in your family?
Our little family is made up of me, (Bobbi), my sweet Loverbrains Darren, Schoolgirl Emma and Homeboy Caleb.
5.  What is your least favorite thing to do?
Empty the dishwasher!
6.  What is your most favorite thing to do?
7.  If money were no object what would you like to do when you retire?
Take a world tour....maybe by cruise.
8.  What is your favorite season?
9.  What book are you currently reading?
When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt for my bookclub.  So far, so good.
10.What time do you go to bed, get up in the morning?
I try to go to bed by 9:30...and get up at 5.  This hasn't been going so well lately.  Ugh!
11.How long have you been blogging?
Three years?  I think...not on this blog...I started with my MomE blog.

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