Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Minutes Friday: TRUST

And again, “I will put my trust in him.” 
And again, “Behold, I and the children God has given me.”  
Hebrews. 2:13
I'm so excited about going to Emma's Valentine's Friendship Party today.  We even made ribbon roses to we'll match.  I wonder how long she'll continue to enjoy these matchy times?
I know that today will be a struggle to TRUST though...because every time I get into a classroom...I miss being there.  I question...again and again...God's timing. 
I detest being a "room Mom"...mostly cuz I'd rather be the teacher...but it's also that room Mom's are just so pushy and alpha, cliquey packs of everything I don't like about groups of women.   *Sigh*...I find myself looking for those quiet, helpful tasks to do for the teacher...things I know the other Moms don't want to do...and things that the teacher will have to do herself before she can go home.

This season of staying at home isn't easy for me, requiring lots of TRUSTing...and I have to turn it over to God...again and again...the manic cyclical chores sometimes threaten to drive me quite mad!  I know my honesty may bother those who feel all Moms are called to stay at home forever and ever amen.  But, it's not for me...forever anyway.  
I often feel stuck...and conflicted.  I know that I should just TRUST...and spend time fully enjoying this blessed season at home.  But, I also know that the desire of my heart is to teach...that I've been blessed with a gift in the classroom...and that that day of return is approaching.  I find myself I wanting to "jump the gun" and fix licenses, check out preschools because of a lack of TRUST in God's timing?...or is it the Holy Spirit whispering...and saying the season is coming to an end. 
I guess the best way to look at it...God is teaching TRUST.  He will make His plans clear for me.  Today, I'm off to be the most helpful room Mom in the Kindergarten class...and the best matchy Mom to my girlie!

"I am teaching you today--yes, you--so you will trust in the LORD."  Proverbs 22:19


Lyn Hallewell said...

I hope you have a good day! Your ribbon roses are beautiful! I'm a stay at home Mom too. I understand your frustrations. I felt them too. Now, though, I'm at the place where I feel scared about returning to work! It is a short season and will soon pass. Hang in there and wait for God's timing :-)

Marti said...

The important thing is to be in the place where God wants you. You are blessed.

Pastor D said...

I know you like teaching and are looking forward to the time when you can return to the classroom. But I know you are also making the most of these years at home with your sweet boobahs.

You are a great mom and a great teacher of your own children in these very important years of their lives. I am certain that you will treasure these years for the rest of your life and will have no regrets.

God is blessing and guiding you. Enjoy the ride.

Eileen said...

You sound very passionate about teaching! It's sometime hard to trust God with those seasons when He is telling us to wait.

Joyce said...

As I look back on my life I see how God's timing is everything. In case you're wondering His and mine were not always in synch : )

Sarah said...

Yes, so hard to trust when we're in the middle of a season that we simply don't like, yes? It's really an exercise in faith, that we're in the best place, the place where God needs us the most, at the best time.

nannykim said...

I guess I was the reverse of you--I have always loved being home. I loved the days at home with the kids and all the wonder years ...seeing things through their eyes. I loved have time....not having to go out to work and be stressed by all the things that had to be done at home. I love slow days. ..not that all days were slow....but I have never like dividing my time. I did go back to work when my first child went to college. My kids had scholarships but it didn't cover extras. Although my job outside of the home was rewarding--working with handicapped adults, I was so glad when I could once again be a home body. I think it is a difference in temperament. My daughter has her doctorate and she quit work to be at home with her kids. She just uses her gifts in a different way...she may go back to work at some time in the distant future...not sure. I think when I come to the end of my life the most important thing will be the relationships I have had with my family and what I have helped to instill in their lives. The second will be how I have affected others (and for you that will be your teaching, in all likely hood). I guess it is important to consider what will things look like to me from the distance of age ....and the distance of being in heaven and looking at my life. How did I live that promoted God's glory and His service in this world. By the way, I like your new do.

nannykim said...

Sorry for the errors--I was trying to do two things at once! Ha...slow days and multi-tasking still?