Monday, February 27, 2012

Succulent Baby & The Crying Book

We had a Greek Feast with friends the other night...and enjoyed their sweet baby!  We prayed for Baby Jack intensely when he was born early...God answered our prayers...Now he is a wonderful, fully succulent little man!
Sorry Scruffy...Jack is the cuter baby!
Well, after my Grit to Grace post of Friday...FOUR people recommended "Grace for the Good Girl" by Emily the space of about 4 hours.  SO, I bought it.  I'm just sayin'...that book should come with tissues. Sniff, sniff!

I tried to narrow it down to my favoritist quotes so far...I'm a little over halfway through it....I can't seem to STOP reading it...I'm definately going to have to read this twice...or more!

"Hiding behind that good-looking mask, her arms are folded too tightly to give and receive grace, or to fall into an embrace from God who sees beyond her good reputation."

"Anything we do to get life and identity outside of Christ is an idol, even service to Christ.  He doesn't want my service.  He wants me."

"There is a difference between the discipline of sitting down with God and the pleasure of knowing his voice."

"He is a generous, patient, compassionate God and his expectations of us are not the same as our expectations of ourselves."

"We observe and interpret reactions through our own messed-up filters so that whatever is going on with others ultimately comes back around to us."

"You have trained people to think you have no needs, but you are secretly angry with them for believing you."

"All that is mine is yours.  We already have the love and acceptance of our Father, so why do we try so hard to earn it?"

"I don't have to figure out the mess.  I do have to trust in the One who can."

 "She compares herself to rescued others and feels both less-than and better-than, proud and invisible."



Oh yes, I will be reading Grace for the Good Girl many times.


Marti said...

I am going to have to get this book. Your selection of quotes make it a must have.

Barbara H. said...

Oh wow. Some of those do pack a punch. I'd heard of this book but then it fell off my radar somehow: will now officially put it on my TBR list.