Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eye openers!

This is what happens when you let Darren help with crafts.
For the very first time, Darren and I are in the same Bible Study. This has been a huge delight to us...and our marriage. He has joined me in my favorite Bible Study Fellowship...He goes to the Men's class on Tuesday nights...and I go as a Children's Leader on Mondays (and love the toddlers of Ladies on Tuesdays).

As we study Genesis together...I think it's a surprise to us both just how much JESUS is in Genesis! We have both learned some great EYE OPENING, heart changing things. Even in a book as fundamental and basic as Genesis...there is much to learn!

 Here's a few eye openers just from the last week in Genesis 13 and 14. Some are questions I've asked myself...and maybe they'll get you thinkin' too!

Do I ignore potential problems as long as it doesn't affect my peace? Or do I step forward in continual obedience?

Abram was ready for battle...Am I!? God's armor (2 Cor. 10, Eph. 6) is mobile protection...I can leave my fortresses in full safety! With the Sword of the Spirit I can whack any negative thoughts! The Word of God is the best missionary! It can be always ready in my mind if it's hidden in my heart!

A really cool thought...2 Cor. 2:14-15...God always leads us in VICTORY...we are captured but following in joy!

Battles aren't won and done! Obey in the next thing and the next and the next...

 Melchizadek...still a bit of mystery but an amazing picture of JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!! A priest forever on the throne. Zech. 6..."And he will be a priest on his throne. And there will be harmony between the two." I'm gonna stop before I get started or I'll just keep going on and on. Bountiful fodder for another post!  

Oh Dear Lord,
 I want to follow as a joyful captive...seeing the fruit of any and all suffering....Doing each role--each task, for the reward from God alone. Speaking carefully, remembering You defend me! Content and waiting for Your perfect timing and promises!

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