Thursday, December 6, 2012

My first quilt for ME!

I've made several baby quilts and lap quilts for friends...and a quilt top for my Aunt Bev...but this is the first one that I'm going to bind and keep for me! I must say I was DELIGHTED to get these pictures today. (And before you ask...yes, the squares are supposed to be wonky! It's called Topsy Turvy!)
My friend, Susan of Snowflake Quilts, quilted this on her handy dandy machine...and she and her husband hand delivered it to my Mother (cuz they know I'm afraid of things that take THAT MUCH TIME getting lost in the mail)...SO, I probably won't get to see it in person until after Christmas.  
They felt bad for me so took these pictures for me! AW!!

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Barbara H. said...

I had never considered making the blocks wonky on purpose -- I could do that! I've never gotten into quilting because I could never do the piecing -- I have trouble doing anything in a straight line, even with a ruler. I have trouble cutting a straight line even if it is drawn for me. So I figured trying to get a bunch of little cut-out pieces to all fit together and look nice would be a headache waiting to happen. But I could do wonky!

That's neat to have a friend who has a machine to quilt it with.