Monday, July 29, 2013


While I pondered things this morning...I remembered this article and decided to post my favorite parts...

The extremity of grief is an opportunity for the church to be the church, to do what the body of Christ does.  The present ordeal is a learning moment for us all, an occasion for Christ-followers to grow in our understanding and practice of “one anothering.”

As co-members of the body of Christ:
  • We share in the joys and the heartbreaks of life together.
  • We hold our dear ones up through unceasing prayer for superhuman strength, mega-doses of grace, and Spirit-fueled endurance.
  • We communicate our support through acts of love, providing for material needs.
  • We express words of comfort while understanding when space and privacy are needed.
  • We do not stay silent just because we don’t know what to say.  “I know words aren’t sufficient, but I want you to know I love you and am praying for you” is always appropriate.
  • We do not ask hurting people questions for which there are no answers.
  • We do not offer well-meaning platitudes for which there is no basis in Scriptural truth.
  • We are patient and understanding when grief debilitates for a season and when a tragedy leaves its mark for a lifetime.
  • We speak truth from God’s Word into the lives of those who grieve, not with a preachy tone, but to give them solid footing during a tumultuous experience.
Emphasis mine...words by Dean Taylor.

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good useful and very practical thoughts and suggestions. The worst thing we can do is stand back and not even be a listener.