Saturday, March 12, 2016

A blogging I will go...

So, I'm going to take another go at blogging along.  I've been asked recently, by family and friends, if I'd completely given it up...and although I said I'd been too busy to even miss I thought about it more...I do miss it.  It lacks much in the feedback dept but it is a good way to preserve collective memories.

So, an update is in order....our family has been busy.  Loverbrains has travelled many miles for work per his usual...and has also been taking a class at church that's kind of like a Bible minor.  A lot of reading but he's really loving it and growing a lot.
Caleb has an adorable toothless grin and is busy busy busy.  He still struggles with his GI tummy issues but has been making steady forward progress.  He's very into tanks...and even made one for his valentines box this year.  He loves school...and has enjoyed learning programming as a special extra.
Emma has blossomed this year.  She's an American Heritage Girl and, as a Tenderheart, has learned many new things.  She's embraced reading and sewing as her two favorites....with cooking being a close third.  
I'm keeping busy too.  I'm working diligently towards biblical counseling certification.  As an academic I didn't anticipate the truly sanctifying aspects of studying God's Word so closely and applying it so directly.  I've learned a lot...mostly that I must trust God's perfect timing and rest in Him.
I've recently starting taking pictures again...avoiding Facebook more (politics overload, ugh)...and sewing a lot.  Several close friends are "a baby quilting I will go."  With Emma getting her first sewing machine I really have to be close at hand anyway...and I'm glad...I actually get things done!!

No promises Dear Void...I want to log my collected memories and write out more cathartic thoughts...but we shall see how the time works itself out.  And how well I can make this blogger app work from my iPad.  


Barbara H. said...

Good to hear from you again! I've often wondered how you were doing and assumed you were too busy with life and family to blog. Your kids sure are growing!

Gilln said...

Always enjoy reading about your family and keeping up. Glad to see you back. -gn