Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sewing Sabbath

It's so restful to sew...especially with my tiny seamstress sewing in her room right across the hallway!

I was messing around with scraps...seeing if I can come up with an idea for an eye spy quilt in the future....I don't love it.  I wanted it to look like one of those ticker tape, I think they all have to go vertical and rectangular.
I positively reinforce good behavior...aka getting half the baby fox quilt top done.  If I finished half of it I got to make some tiny pinwheels ... 

So cute....I see a mug rug coming in the future!
Are you sewing anything fun?  Maybe you're just not giving yourself the right reward!  Maybe you need a little sewing friend!!  

1 comment:

Barbara H. said...

I love your daughter's sewing machine! Cute pillow as well! I have not been sewing though I have been making cards as a crafty outlet. But I've been thinking about sewing due to not being able to find clothes I like in stores.