Friday, December 16, 2016

Bullet Journaling aka Exhausting Inspiration

I've been making a list of things I'd like to blog my phone...under reminders.  So nifty.  Just figured out I can share the grocery list with my husband.  Genius.  But, yeah...listing...totally a step in the right direction, right?  I'm thinking about maybe that means I'll do more actual blogging.

And speaking of making lists...

Bullet journals.  Not what they seem to be.  One imagines they are simply bulleted lists kept safely within a journal...but no.  They are a sadistic, artistic challenge.  A complete waste of time, that supposedly saves time, in the tomorrow that never comes.  It's the journaling version of having meetings about your meetings.

Seriously, some of them are ahhhh-mazing.  On Pinterest you can eat your heart out on said topic...and pin your brains out.  Beautiful and nifty ideas for how to remember birthdays, chart goals, record every dream and nifty keen-o rulers and tutorials.  Cha-ching!

I've timidly stuck toes into this world.  There would have been seasons of my life where I'd have plunged in head first...but nowadays I occassionally realize I don't have time for things, before they suck up all of my time.  Sometimes.  Ha!  So, I bought a beautiful journal with a hot air balloon on the cover and decided I'd record beautiful Scripture and prayer and quotes.  Ya'll, it takes f o r e v e r.  This isn't always a bad thing...I've had some great times worshipping God with said journal.  But, since I'm so prone to wander into the land of perfection rather than grace...let's just say it's the slippery slope...and I fell on my ker-bump.  I started being truly anxious about how good things looked...and started completely missing the point.

And come on...some lists shouldn't go in a journal.  They should just go at the top of your letter form...W=water...check yes or no.  Let's not make things harder than they should be.  My grocery list does NOT have to be does have to be functional!!

So, I'm inspired and I'm exhausted.  And, as I begin to ponder what will work for the year of 2017 that is fast approaching...well, a bullet journal keeper, I ain't.  Very pretty though.  Seriously, how is anyone getting their laundry done, reading...anything else?  Yeah, my husband likes his laundry clean and my kids like to eat...and showing them my nifty journal that's so pretty I'm afraid to write in it probably isn't gonna cut it!


*Above comments are said in fun loving sarcastic tones.  If you bullet journal and it rocks your world...I still love you...and I'll ooo and ahhh about your art any time.

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Pastor D said...

Good thoughts! Interesting the things we learn as we mature, isn't it?