Thursday, May 22, 2008

Repressed Teacher?

I've been having some repressed teacher thinking lately. I had Emma play with shaving cream the other day and I think that's what got it going. She had a good time --and as an added bonus the kitchen and Emma smelled like baby powder for the rest of the day! I used to have my students do math facts, spelling reviews, etc. on their desks with shaving cream. It was great for cleaning off that hardened grime and air freshening the room! I've been thinking of good lessons or projects and I figure I'll blog about them in the hopes of remembering some and using them when I go back some long day away in the future. I have an idea for teaching percentages that keeps expanding. My idea first started while watching Willie Wonka (old version) and the teacher uses Wonka bars eaten as an example. Maybe that would be a good reward movie at the end of the study. We drive past a beautiful little cemetary on our way to the library, etc. and I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids when they get a bit older. This, of course, got my brain churning on how I could make it a learning experience. It would be neat in a smaller cemetary, such as this, to poll the name. Perhaps quadrant off the area and have the children list names. In most small cemetaries you'll find a higher percentage of some names, etc. I've noticed just in passing ours that it contains a lot Younts, Whites, and Henry bones. I wonder if you'd need to get permission from the grounds keepers? Anyhew--that's my thought for today. As this thought expands perhaps I'll share! A teacher's mind should never stop thinking of interesting ways to learn new things. My Mom and I have a pact that if we ever get to the point where we are not learning and not loving teaching we'll tell each other--tell each other to quit!

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Pastor D said...

You are a natural born teacher. It runs in our family.

Did the bib hanging from the chair help keep her nice blue shirt clean?