Friday, August 22, 2008

Allergic Scare!

Last night we had an allergic scare with poor baby Caleb.

Right around bedtime--about 8--he started to itch his face and turn red and hivey. We'd just given him Zyrtec so I wasn't too keen on giving him Benedryl (I now know I can do that if I need to) so when he got raspy I decided to run him over to the ER about two minutes away.

As I carried him in he started having convulsions so they took him from me. He was laid out on a table--being prepped for an IV--and I was scared! They had me help hold him down--I hate that but wouldn't think of leaving my sweet baby either. They stuck him for the IV and he screamed and then threw up everywhere.

The Dr. saw this happen and said it was some sort of reaction where your body produces the adrenaline it needs to open the airways. Caleb got rapidly better at this point. He was given a steroid shot in his thigh and then threw up again--all over me. I now am the happy owner of small blue scrubs! They gave him anti nausea meds and we waited for an hour while his vitals got better.

Many things they said for next time---call the squad, use the Epi pin, get him off soy, don't take risks!

SO, today we saw the allergist and we are off soy and on some other things to help clear him up. It's soooo scary but I'm just praising God he is okay! Poor sweet baby. Thanks for you prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!! Bobbi, I can't imagine!!! I'm so glad Caleb is ok.
Isn't it great to know, when we are out of control and totally helpless God is STILL in control. Kiss that baby for me, I'm so glad he is ok!