Friday, August 8, 2008

Hmmmm? Need or want?

I read a church marquee today and it got me thinking. The sign said,
"God gives us what we NEED...not what we WANT."
Hmmm? Their point is that we should be thankful for the daily needs met and not moan about what we want. After all, God isn't some big piggy bank in the sky there to meet our every whimper. Certainly, He knows best what we truly need--even when it is contrary to our desires.

However, I find it interesting that often when I am truly in line with God, my needs and my wants match up. When I read His Word and remember who He is, I'm more careful about what I want and I better identify my true needs. I guess I feel that God gives me what I need and often it is what I want. Looking back, there are wants I'm glad He didn't supply!

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