Monday, August 11, 2008

Darren the date night guru...

Darren planned our date the other night and it was fabulous. I'll take any chance I can get to brag on my man! I had been getting tired of planning dates so asked him if he'd plan one if I got the babysitter set.
He took me to Santorini's Greek Restaurant. The food was great and the "saganaki" or flaming goat cheese was awesome! They deep fry goat cheese and bring it out to your table, pour brandy on it and light it...yelling, "OPA!" Very entertaining--be careful how much hairspray you wear! The food was delicious. I tried Moussaka--'cuz I always thought it sounded funny and wanted to see what it tasted like--it was like special Greek lasagna. It was made of layered beef, eggplant and cheese with tomato sauce. Darren got a huge Gyro that he could hardly get into his face! He even left the sour cream and feta on it (didn't scrap it off--gasp--shocking, i know) and claimed that he enjoyed it!

After dinner we went downtown to Monument Circle. We climbed the monument and looked down on the crowds and fountains. Very romantic.

Then, we went to the fudge factory off the circle and had a LaSalle sundae. It was huge mint chocolate ice cream sundae with two factory made chocolates in it with lots of whipped cream! Yummo!

Finally, we walked down the arts gardens and over to the canal. The canal is so neat and clean! They have gondola ride--it's very romantic. We "cheaped" out on the gondola for this date--we'll save it for another time! My only advice is wear good walking shoes because I got two little blisters on each big toe--ouchie!

So, Darren is the date night guru for anyone out there wanted his assistance in planning a great night out! I love you honey!

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