Friday, March 12, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Yogurt, Detergent and Worry...

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How is that subject for caffeinated randomness? AND...I've only had one cup of coffee so far...haha! Truthfully, I've started letting the "cat out of the bag" that I've gone all "little house on the prairie" and started making my own yogurt, laundry soap and bread. So, now I get questions and desperate pleas from those trying these things out for themselves.

My poor friend Kayren searched all over my blog archives looking for the yogurt recipe and gave up and sent me an exhausted comment requesting it. Well, turns out (as far as I can decipher) I never posted the actual recipe. I just said that I'd made my own yogurt. Sorry!!

It's super easy though... Slowly heat one gallon of milk...stirring often. When it reaches 185F...put it into an ice bath (sink full of ice and water) and bring the temp down to 115F. Add your powder culture or a few tablespoons of plain yogurt...stir well! Transfer into an igloo 2 gallon cooler
and leave for 8 hours (or overnight). Voila! You now have yogurt.

Transfer to containers that fit into your fridge and chill before eating. I buy powder culture from
Dairy Connection because I feel it's stronger and purer but have friends who use the plain yogurt method too. If you're like me and want the end result thicker add 1 c. powder milk during the heating up process. You can add flavor (ie. vanilla, coconut, etc.) when you add your culture. I don't...cuz I prefer to add fresh fruit or muesli to mine. Healthier ya know...*snort...hehehe!

I did post about the laundry detergent (but over at MomE & Loving It...cuz I like to keep myself on my toes when it comes to linking things...argh!) I LOVE this recipe and I save sooooo much monies! I even have my parents into this now...even though their's turns out really gloopy and jello-like. FYI---if you try this recipe and it does become gelled, don't worry. It has something to do with the washing soda quality control and water type (hard/soft). Everything I've read and heard says it doesn't effect the washing power of the detergent. Just scoop it on out and use a glob! I do encourage vinegar for your rinse cycle...but I'd encourage that regardless of what detergent you use...cuz it ensures the soap washes clean of the clothes. NO, you can't tell...I do not smell like a pickle! *sniff, sniff...

Oh, and worry?...where was I going with that you might wonder?? I heard something great in my church's ladies bible study...Refresh Your Heart by Claudia Barba. I wanted to share it with you...."Disciplined thought moves in a straight line through a tangle of difficulties to possible solutions. Worry is a swirling tornado of thoughts centered on fear. They repeat themselves over and over, making you dizzy but accomplishing nothing else. When fretful thoughts begin to sound familiar, that's worry."


Karen said...

Wow - what a great description of worry!

I've never made yogurt before. It sounds like it's pretty easy...and definitely more cost effective!

Lauren said...

that picture makes my mouth water!! YUMMMMY Oh how I wish I could have yogurt!!!

Michelle said...

I've often wondered about making my own yogurt, but it looked like way to much work and waiting. However, I do make my own bread and buns and appreciate the taste so much more.

Critty said...

How interesting. I learn much from you my friend.

And that quote is great.

I am allergic to many things so I am going to talk to my Mum about making our own detergent. Especially if it saves money!

Have a fabulous weekend Lovely!

Amydeanne said...

oh I've done crockpot yogurt, which I loved, but hubby hated.. the kids loved it too, might have to try your version too.. the laundry soap.. yup lol done that too! Did it all last year and it worked great! It was cheap! which is great when you're washing 3 loads a day! lol
and the bread yup lol we're doing that too.. i think i've got my laundry soap on my blog! I got it from the duggars website, but altered it to fit my needs lol.
great idea on the vinegar!

and btw, love you WFW! :) It was fab!!

hugs & prayers!

Karen said...

Very interesting randomness...loved that last line of the quote...

Jennifer said...

Your yogurt sounds yummy!! :) And that quote IS great!


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Thank you very much for the recipe. I am glad my exhaustion showed through in my request (I think).

Now, how much powder culture would I use, or if I buy it from that Dairy Connection place will they tell me? How much vanilla flavoring would I add? I adore vanilla yogurt, so I'd be all over that.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Love the quote at the end - a good one! Good ideas with the yogurt and detergent, too! Thanks!