Monday, March 29, 2010

The Oddities of a Bookworm!

I think I must be a bit unusual when it comes to my reading seasons. For me every season finds me never without a book...and have my nose buried in one incessantly. But, I do find major changes in which seasons I read fiction versus non fiction. There is also a direct correlation between the quantity of my reading and the quality of my housekeeping skillz.

For me SPRING is a big fiction reading season...because my Sweet Boobahs want to be outside. They no longer require my constant physical presence...but do require my watchful, I can cart about a book and read while they play. I spend a lot of time in the hammock or on the screen porch while they shovel sand, swing and blow bubbles.

My Sweet Loverbrains suggested that I might be "unreachable in my literary world" but I assure you that I can keep up with both worlds just fine. Thank you! Don't worry...crying or screaming definitely get my attention. Haha! I read fiction because it is easier to read in an "unfocused, MomE" sort of way. I can read a few paragraphs and still be understanding where it's all going.

WINTER is what I'd figure is most people's "snuggle up and read" season. When the kids are cooped up's anything but restful and quiet reading time for me. I do enjoy deeper nonfiction reading though. It sort of goes with my "brooding, gray" mood. I can read a small portion and dwell on it and chew on it for days.

What's in my Spring lineup...some fun vintage British mysteries! I am taking a slight hiatus from my Agatha Christie goal (I'm gonna read them all in 2010)...I'm now reading...

Jane and His Lordship's Legacy by Stephanie Barron
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden by Rhys Bowen
Death of a Gentle Lady by M.C. Beaton
(if you haven't read her Agatha Raisin series your missing out on some laughs)

So, in case anyone was wondering about my bookworm ya know!

What are ya'll reading?...Any good mystery suggestions for me??


Critty said...

I love to read in the Spring. Outside. The sun and a gentle breeze. So Lovely.

I am not much of a mystery reader so no suggestions here! :)

Karen said...

This was very interesting...I had never thought about seasons of reading...loved your admission of "a direct correlation between the quantity of my reading and the quality of my housekeeping skillz."...ha the saying goes..."so many books, so little time..."

Barbara H. said...

I think I do read more fiction for that reason -- even though my kids are older now -- it's still easy to get into and you don't lose so much if you're interrupted (they DO still do that. :-) ) I have to really concentrate to get into any non-fiction except biographies.

I have not read any Agatha Christie yet, but my goal is to read at least one book of hers this year.