Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harry Hodgeity Podgity!

1. How has your hometown changed since you were a kid? What has changed most about the neighborhood you grew up in?
Although I spent most of my childhood in Upstate NY...I don't really consider any town my hometown.  I tried to answer this...but kept deleting.  I wonder if other Pastor's kids...who move in high school...feel the same way?
2. What song makes you laugh?

3. Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Read the books? Seen any/all of the movies? Will you be standing in line somewhere close to midnight later this week? For those of you playing along today who live outside the US or UK is Harry Potter a phenomenon in your part of the world?
I really enjoy Harry Potter but live in the world of many unamused and over-reacting christians.  It's FICTION...just be sure your kid can understand what FICTION means...and discuss the ins and outs of that and all the other details of the books.  Incidentally, that's something you should with ALL books.  I have never watched the movies...I generally do NOT watch the movies based on favorite books.  They just frustrate me in their inability to do books justice.
4. If the truth hurts, will you tell a lie? Are we better off as a society in a world that allows no form of deception whatsoever?
I think...Ephesians 4 (GOD) has it right, "Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ"...He's talking about the body of Christ working well together in unity ...I'm not saying it's always easy...but honesty IS always the best policy. A world without, heaven?!
5. What is your favorite 'sauteed in garlic and butter' food? Or garlic and olive oil if that makes you feel better.
Mushrooms are the first thing that came to mind.  Fresh ones, of course.
6. Attending any reunions this summer/year? High school? family? Other? Do these events stir up excitement or dread?
Nope-ity, nope...just an approaching vacation that we are ALL more than ready to enjoy.
7. Lilac, hydrangea, peony...pick one.
Unfair...pick ONE, she says.  Grrr...okay...Peony!  I have a long line of the lovely bushes along one side of my house.  I call them the poor man's rose.  A bit scraggeldy around the edges but BOY, do they smell sweet.
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I was struck this week that A LOT of the things I find myself currently doing...are like AMUSEMENT PARKS.  I think they'll be fun...and exciting...but in reality I find myself hot, grouchy, and telling myself that I will NEVER do it again.  Until next year.


Tammy Doane said...

Wouldn't living in a world without sin be heaven :)
Completely understand random thought. I have been in your shoes many times.

Joyce said...

My kids are not PK's but they would definitely struggle to answer that first question. The concept of home is a funny thing when you move alot!

I'm jealous of your line of peonies...sometimes I think they are prettier than a rose, less perfect if that makes sense. Have a great day!

Barbara H. said...

I'm not a PK, either, but we moved a lot when I was young, and even though we moved within one town for 12 or 13 years, I still don't really think of it as a hometown since the only family still living there is one aunt and a couple of cousins. I guess I think of home town as a place you want to go back to for that sense of home, and there is really no place like that -- home is wherever I am with my loved ones.

Speaking of speaking the truth in love, I wouldn't call Christians who don't like Harry Potter unamused or overreacting. Romans 14 reminds us especially in verse 3 not to judge or hold in contempt (NASB)those who differ from us in what they feel comfortable doing. And just because something is fiction doesn't mean it is ok. But that said, I am neither a fan nor a hater or Harry Potter -- I was just never motivated to get into it. It's almost too big an enterprise now, and I have too many other things stacked up to read. If my kids had been interested in it I probably would have read the books before letting them read or watch the films just so I'd know what was coming and be able to discuss it with them, but somehow they missed out on the mania.

Amiee said...


sterlingsop said...

I forgot about mushrooms when I answered can you forget MUSHROOMS?!!! :)

Bobbi said...

@ Barbara...Sorry...If I were talking to an individual about the book issue I would choose my words more carefully...evidently, I should have done that today too.

I DO think that some Christians ARE overreacting...and being very nasty in the process.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Cute song and video.
Definitely mushrooms!
She always makes up pick one!!!!
Nothing is fun when it's really hot.

Mary said...

Peonies are beautiful. MS gave me some last year for Mother's Day...they smelled amazing!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Love your number 8 thought!
I agree with speaking the truth in live. I said the same thing.

Barbara H. said...

Hey, Bobbi,

I wanted to come back and comment again because I was afraid my earlier comment might have come across as snarky or harsh, and I didn't mean for it to. You are right that some Christians just have a knee-jerk reaction against a lot of things without really thinking them through, and I think that's where you were coming from. Where I was coming from is that I've seen a lot of Christians carefully and thoughtfully say no to some things other people allow and then get ridiculed for it when they should be given grace to have differing convictions and not violate their consciences. But I don't think that's what you were talking about here.

BTW -- I don't care for mushrooms at all, so I'll let you have all mine. :-D

Bobbi said...

Thanks Barb...Thanks...for very clearly recognizing both sides of this is your usual gracious style. I appreciate it.

I’ll take all your mushrooms any time!!