Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shrewdly Smart Saturday...with Starbucks!

I've been holding onto this idea from a bit o'shine for years now!  My Emmer-bean is a gift giving kind of gal...and wants to give her teacher a pretty gift at her approaching Kindergarten open house.  I had two of these delightful Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  No, they aren't endorsing this blog in anyway....bummer! 
I depended on my faithful Sharpie (also not paying me) and my teacher cursive for my labels.  I wanted one to be a toothbrush I wrote "pearly whites"...the other for her teacher says "teach love"...
I'll admit the gluing got a, times.  Around the tag it is best to pre-measure and pre-cut those pieces...or you'll end up a gluey mess.  Trust me on this, okay? 
Too cute...on our way upstairs to put it in the master bath.  I ended up pouring rice in the bottom to hold the brushed up a bit higher and more stable.
Now isn't that a shrewd use of empty Starbucks bottles?  Smart too!!
I love Shrewdly Smart Saturdays...don't you?
Now, I need to figure out the flowers part.  Should I make some that live forever like a bit o'shine's or put fresh Black-eyed Susans from the garden in it to take to the teacher?  Any opinions??

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