Monday, April 23, 2012

I drive...God works!

Yesterday, I drove home from a visit with my parents for my soon to be new sister's brother's fiance's bridal shower .  The combination of recovering from a cold/flu and driving alone with no adult conversation made me rather introspective.  My lack of blog posts has nothing to do with my lack of thoughts, and everything to do with lack of time to write them down.  Sometimes blogging is more cathartic than others....I've been exercising more, which probably reduces my need to blog. 

Driving thought number one...I'm really glad that I've gotten back into memorizing Scripture this year.  I'm working my way through the first chapter of Colossians....aiming at the whole book in a year.  I'm a few weeks behind...but I was mentioning to my parents this weekend that it's really neat how God uses the Scripture you spend time meditating on.  The concepts and thoughts in that week's verses seem to pop up every where.  Part of this could be called "coincidence."  I prefer PROVIDENCE!  I also think that when dealing with God's Word I truly experience the fact that it is LIVING...God is working through it in my life. 

Driving thought number two...I've been reading (technically re reading) Trusting God by Jerry Bridges for a ladies Bible study at church.  We're in chapter 9-10...and I'll share a few quotes I've been pondering...and loving...

"We must see our circumstances through God's love instead of, as we are prone to do, seeing God's love through our circumstances."  Whoa, this is very true of me.  Ouch!

"We mistakenly look for tokens of God's love in happiness.  We should instead look for them in His faithful and persistent work to conform us to Christ." This means discipline and/or trials sometimes.  Well, alot of the time.

"The issue God is dealing with in our lives is not so much what we do, but what we are.  All of us tend to underestimate the remaining sinfulness in our hearts."

Although I had many more blog worthy thoughts along my drive home...I'll save some for later...and end this short allotment of time I allowed myself today.  How is God working in your heart and mind??  Do you have time to share it with me in a comment or quote? 


Joyce said...

Oh that first quote pinched me hard too : ) Have a wonderful week!

heather said...

Hi Bobbi. It was so nice to meet you and your two adorable children. I look forward to seeing you and your family at the wedding :)

Barbara H. said...

You must not have seen last week's Week in Words where I said I was discontinuing it. :-) I went into why here:

But I will probably still post quotes occasionally, and I love reading them from others. That first one from Bridges especially spoke to me.

Pastor D said...

Thanks for your visit. I know it wasn't easy for you, but you blessed us with your time in spite of the difficulties.

Remember this quote: "What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."

Interpretation: One minute your little kids are driving you crazy with sickness or misbehavior or whatever - then two seconds later they are 32 years old with kids of their own... and you wonder how that happened so fast.

Keep things in perspective and enjoy every stage of life. It really goes by fast.


Exercising, studying, memorizing and blogging. You are a well rounded girl.